New Rules on Thread Derailing


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Aug 25, 2020
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Hello everyone,

As a new rule, we will now solve thread derailing in the following way:
  • Users who derail or do not respect the netiquette will be temporarily or permanently banned from a given thread, depending on the moderator decision
  • Irrelevant parts in a given thread will be moved into the trusted members area, where they are invisible to the general public but visible to the trusted members of our community (currently around 200). Nothing will get deleted.
  • The moved thread will either stay unlocked or get locked depending on moderator decision
The new rule also solves the problem of people accusing us of censorship in our forum, since sometimes we had to delete certain posts to stop thread derailing.

From now on, no post will get deleted anymore. Instead, we will move inappropriate content into the Inappropriate and Moved Threads Subforum, where all trusted members (the core of our community) can evaluate our decisions and transparently see what's going on.

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