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Only very recently have I become aware of Tartary and started to read in this forum. I'm a young german who has always loved history but also felt great distaste for official stories and the standard education in this field. One of the first things I did after reading on here was go through my collection of antique books and skim through a copy of the book
"Geschichte der Reichsstadt Nürnberg"
"History of the empire's city Nuremberg"
It's a history book from 1802, written in old german with some very interesting illustrations. It has accounts and stories dating back to the 14th century from what I can see and I will try to read it and look for noteable information (this might take a while though since it has worn down a bit and is over 1000 pages long)
I will include some of the images I found interesting below and hope to get your opinions on them.

Ps: I plan on visiting the city soon, if there are suggestions for places I should check out or even other german cities I should investigate, please let me know!

This is Nürnberg in the 15th century, apparently a very faithful depiction copied from the original painting placed in a Church

It looks unreasonably beautiful and well built for that time, people then were supposed to be poor farmers and this city traded grain and beer
but of course, this could be just an artist making it look more impressive than it actually was so lets move on


the city in 1554


Now this really surprised me. This charming man is the Holy Sebald. If you google him you read about him as a monk and saint who just lived all alone in the city but he is portrayed holding one of the churches and seemingly being on a journey almost as if he is delivering it. Noteably it also reminded me of the old motive of gods coming to ancient civilisations carrying gifts in both hands. The drawing is derived from a embroidery of him.
In the book it is said that there are no real accounts or documents about him left, only legends.

German history is very fascinating, especially in bavaria where I come from and where Nuremberg is located. Numerous star forts. Just take a look at this old map of the city:

Sorry for the bad quality but this thing is gigantic.

There are other strange things, like numerous bavarian families having african people as their insignia (like the "Tuchers") but I want to focus on this lastly:

The possible Tartarian connections. Nürnberg in english is Nuremberg, it's called and empire's city and the name it has now might have been "Nuremberga" in the past.
During WW2 and the 19th century in general large parts of the city, mostly the historical ones were completely destroyed. I might want to question that it was uninentional.
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