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Aug 25, 2020
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Update: Unregistered members now have reading permissions in this sub-forum as well.
  • This subforum is for trusted members only currently. If the discussions remain high quality, we may open this subforum for all registered members at one point
  • This forum will probably stay invisible to unregistered members, as off-topic discussions attract people to the forum that may not be accustomed with the general direction of the forum in relation to stolen history
  • If you want to discuss covid-19, please put your posts into the "Coronavirus: Possible Reset" thread. New covid-19 threads will be merged.
    • fragmented discussions make it more difficult to create a meaningful discussion around a single topic
    • many different threads clutter the "What's New" timeline, and make it more difficult for members to find history related threads
    • if what you want to discuss offers a truly unique perspective on things that deserve it's own thread, you may start a new one and it won't be merged

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