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Paintings of 1812 Battle of Thames Tecumseh & Col Johnson


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Oct 15, 2020
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Hello friends,

I found several very different versions of a painting depicting Col. Johnson's Mounted Men charging a party of British Artillerists and Indians at the Battle of the Thames fought near Moraviantown October 2, 1813

It is interesting to see the progression of how the mounted soldiers are depicted, Uniforms change, flags change. In the wikipedia narrative the Mounted Men were a volunteer cavalry from Kentucky and Michigan.:

"He also had 1,000 volunteer cavalry under Colonel Richard Mentor Johnson. Most of Johnson's men were from Kentucky, but some were from the River Raisin area of Michigan, all of them spurred on by the slogan "Remember the River Raisin."

Is this what volunteer cavalry from Kentucky look like in 1813?

Links for each painting below:






Wikipedia's Version


The above picture is interesting, as it shows Tecumseh with a beard in the lower right corner based on the list on the bottom of the painting.


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