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KD disclaimer: this is going to be one of those "bananas" threads. I intend to offer a hypothesis that we have two humongous freezers installed within North and South polar regions. In my opinion, they could have been installed by the previous society to free the Earth of the Great Biblical Flood waters. This thread requires the reader to know contents of the multiple threads published on this forum. I am not going to recite those threads, to include their substance. At the very best I will provide a link.

Global Warming
Global warming is a long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system, an aspect of climate change shown by temperature measurements and by multiple effects of the warming. The term commonly refers to the mainly human-caused observed warming since pre-industrial times and its projected continuation, though there were also much earlier periods of global warming. In the modern context the terms global warming and climate change are commonly used interchangeably, but climate change includes both global warming and its effects, such as changes to precipitation and impacts that differ by region. Many of the observed warming changes since the 1950s are unprecedented in the instrumental temperature record, and in historical and paleoclimate proxy records of climate change over thousands to millions of years.

KD: For the longest time I have thought that the entire Global Warming Saga was a made up problem. I think I might be on the verge of changing my opinion. This change of opinion could be a byproduct of the existence of this forum. Never ever before have I scrutinized information to the point I do now.
  • Basically I was wondering why the authorities were bothering with something like this "Global Warming". If it was for the money, they have plenty of various ways to collect. I entertained that they might know something we do not, at the same time they could not call it for what it really was.
The only fact we do have: the authorities appear to be freaked out that Arctic and Antarctic Ice would melt.

Biblical Flood
While we do have multiple sources of various Great Floods similar to the Genesis one, I will only mention the most common one. After all, I think those are one and the same.

Noah's Ark from Anton Koberger's German Bible

  • Seeing that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, God instructed Noah to build an ark in which he, his sons, and their wives, together with male and female of all living creatures, would be saved from the waters. Noah entered the ark in his six hundredth year, and on the 17th day of the second month of that year "the fountains of the Great Deep burst apart and the floodgates of heaven broke open" and rain fell for forty days and forty nights until the highest mountains were covered 15 cubits, and all life perished except Noah and those with him in the ark.
  • After 150 days "God remembered Noah ... and the waters subsided" until the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. On the 27th day of the second month of Noah's six hundred and first year the earth was dry.
Waters and Timing
Essentially, if the Genesis Flood story has any merit to it, we are faced with three questions, answers to which could shed some light onto quite a few different research areas, including the one I'm presenting:
Where waters came from: According to the Genesis creation narrative, God created the firmament to separate the "waters above" the earth from the "waters below" the earth. Whether we do have the elusive Firmament or not, none of us knows for sure. We are being told that we have Space, and van Allen Belts.

As far as the internal Earth structure goes, the Kola Superdeep Borehole is only 7.6 miles deep. Yet, we are being told that we know what's going on at 3,958 miles deep (Inner Core). I do question that we are being told the truth about what's down there.
Through the Genesis we get the following:
  • the fountains of the Great Deep burst apart and the floodgates of heaven broke open
As we can see, the waters came from below, and from above, if we were to honor the Genesis, and Co. The water kept on coming for 40 days, "until the highest mountains were covered 15 cubits". After 150 days "God remembered Noah ... and the waters subsided".

When the flood happened: Obviously the Deluge is being pushed to some super ancient times. We get quite a range of "scientific" opinions out there.
  • some say it happened in 2348 BCE
  • some say it happened 100,000 years ago
  • some say it did not happen at all
But even the most recent time provided, pushes the event some 4,367 years back. Meanwhile, we have multiple legends carrying the legend through time.
Great Flood Timing: 300-500 years ago
Questioning the Narrative is hard. Not so much "per se" but rather in the court of public opinion, if you will. We are so used to looking at certain things/events in a particular ingrained way. In this case we all "know", that if this Biblical Flood happened, it took place a very long time ago. And the reason we know that is because the Genesis is pushed so far back. This is a dogmatic, institutional knowledge, and as such is beyond contestation.

KD opinion: I think the Great Biblical Flood happened fairly recently, i.e. 300-500 years ago. I think so, because of the three undeniable facts which are being grossly misrepresented by the so-called historians.
  • Population Growth Chart
  • Map Transformations
  • Ruin Artists
Population Grows Chart
Population growth is one of the biggest giveaways here. The ridiculousness of the below chart is being explained each and every way one can imagine. Our gullibility is the limit for the "Narrative" writers.

Before we get into some numbers here, lets re-visit the official timeline of the "Homo" history. In this case it is irrelevant whether you are a creationist, or in the Darwin's corner. We do have the "Narrative", accompanied by a certain population growth time line.

  • Homo: 2,500,000 to 2,000,000 years ago
  • Homo Erectus: 1,900,000 - 500,000 of years ago
  • Neanderthal and Denisovan: 800,000 - 300,000 years ago
  • Homo Sapiens: 300,000 - 130,000 years ago
Some of the World Population Numbers of the Homo Sapiens:

KD: Now, let us be real. We are considered to be Human Sapiens just like the very first ones 300-130 thousand years ago. That means that the Population Growth Charts have to start at least 130,000 years ago, and not 8k or 10k BC.
  • 130,000 to 1 AD: population grew from ZERO to 170 mln (or 400 mln)
  • 1 AD to 1700 AD: population grew from 170 mln (or 400 mln) to 600 mln
  • 1700 AD to 2019 AD: population grew from 600 mln to 7.7 bln
I am far from being proficient with computer graphics, but the below alteration I did to the above chart should do. In my opinion the Great Biblical Flood happened just before the growth spiked. Of course, that would mean that vast quantities of human (and other) beings perished in the cataclysm.


Map Transformations
The map shenanigans have been one of the most prominent areas covered on this forum. I will just say that the "map thing" is being dismissed by the Narrative.

The changes we observe in our 1500-1800s cartography is being attributed to the lack of education, skill and knowledge exhibited by the most famous cartographers of the past. Some related threads to consider:
Ruin, aka Capriccio Artists
In painting, a capriccio means an architectural fantasy, placing together buildings, archaeological ruins and other architectural elements in fictional and often fantastical combinations, and may include figures). It falls under the more general term of landscape painting. The term is also used for other artworks with an element of fantasy.




Do we always know when we are being lied to? I think in this case we can question the Narrative. There is exactly ZERO evidence that any of the 17th-18th century artists were making stuff up. If anything there is plenty of compelling evidence that they were not.

KD: I am not going to name every single ruin artists out there. Those who want to know more will figure out where to look up those 17th-18th century individuals. There is one name which stands out, and the name is Giovanni Battista Piranesi. A few of the Piranesi related SH threads are below:
Mud Flood
I am not gonna go too deep into the Mud Flood topic. For those interested please feel free to visit the proper thread and section below:
The reason I'm bringing up the Mud Flood here is its existence, no matter what elevation we are talking about. I do not know if the world was entirely covered in water, but its arrival had to be somewhat gradual, for we are not observing tsunami-like destruction. We do see buildings buried in mud, with mud just accumulating around those structures.


KD: 21st century excavation of Rome is probably one of the most prominent examples of the mud flow covering a city with no serious damages caused in the process. Could this happen due to the place becoming gradually submerged, entirely or partially? I think it could.
  • And in general, ask yourself why archaeologists have to excavate structures which are not that old...
Fun Facts
Circumstantial evidence: There are few ridiculous situations similar to the one the world famous Cologne Cathedral found itself in. The Narrative pushes its believability limits in my opinion: construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 but was halted in 1473, unfinished. Work did not restart until the 1840s, and the edifice was completed to its original Medieval plan in 1880.

An 1856 photo of Cologne Cathedral, then unfinished,
with a 15th-century crane on south tower.


Single photo: 1856 photo of Cologne Cathedral and 15th century crane

Where the Flood Waters went to?
Well, here is where I say that the Flood Waters were accumulated and frozen in our polar regions. The tech aspect of things we will cover a bit later. As far as melting all the world ice goes, our scientists say the following:
  • If we keep burning fossil fuels indefinitely, global warming will eventually melt all the ice at the poles and on mountaintops, raising sea level by 216 feet.
  • There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth.
I do not believe that the entire Earth was covered with water. Primarily because the Flood Legends exist in memories of each and every corner of our planet (whether spherical, flat or whatever). This in turn means that survivors (besides "Noah and Co") were multiple and geographically spread out.

Pre-Ice Polar Regions
Science says: The icing of Antarctica began in the middle Eocene about 45.5 million years ago and escalated during the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event about 34 million years ago. The Western Antarctic ice sheet declined somewhat during the warm early Pliocene epoch, approximately 5 to 3 million years ago; during this time the Ross Sea opened up. But there was no significant decline in the land-based Eastern Antarctic ice sheet.

Ice has been building up in the Arctic for 2.7 million years. Until now, no one has been able to prove what mechanism brought about this accumulation of ice.

KD: So there we have it. I call BS on the above timing, for it could be a simple speculation, if it was not a deliberately misleading "scientism".

Polar Regions: recently
I am not even gonna mention that the Antarctica was officially discovered only in 1820. All this time our so-called scientists were successfully dodging a simple question of how come we have the Antarctica on the 15th (16th, etc.) century maps. And what is more important, we have Antarctica without any ice. To save some room I will tack on the Arctic region to it as well.


The above maps are dated with 1595 and 1597 from left to right. Obviously on the left we have the Arctic region, and on the right the Antarctic one. I chose these two, for they appear to be the most famous ones. Yet there are tons of other maps pertaining to the polar regions free of ice. Most of those maps predate the above two. I am not going to search for those maps for the reader. You can visit the below related threads and a few ancient map links below.
KD: Our scientists are telling us that the ice in both Polar Regions is millions of years old. Yet, we have a gazillion of maps telling us otherwise. If someone wants to say, that our scientists are correct, please provide which one of the involved cartographers personally stated that he was making stuff up. In my personal opinion, we are being misled beyond any imaginable believe, and it is being done on purpose.

Old Technology
If the speed of the Industrial Revolution, volume of the 19th century patent filings, and some "other" technology attributed to the so-called "Ancient Austronauts" is not enough to pick your curiosity, you need to factor in all the remarkable architecture of the "Ancients". I can point you to some of the forum sections, but what you get out of it is entirely up to you:
What kind of technological advancement was needed for creating maps like this one?
And, of course, we have people like Nikola Tesla, who might have been used to re-introduce great volumes of the pre-existing technology into the "New" world.

Anyways, I think we have very little understanding, and a whole lot of denial of what those "ancient" people were capable of. I do entertain the possibility, that the "ancients" of 500 years ago (without Windows 10, and iPhones) were technologically superior to our current civilization.

Ice Wall and Freezers
While the term "the Antarctic Wall" is more or less attributed to the Flat Earth society, there is no denial of such a phenomenon. There is an Ice Wall there.


Some parts of this wall are more weird than others.



A Freezer?
I know that this hypothesis is out there, but I think we are dealing with a humongous artificial freezing system. And this system is being protected by the below Antarctic Treaty.

Below: The 455,000 square-foot, 116-foot tall building will be the largest refrigerated warehouse in North America and largest automated freezer in the world.

Obviously not this one here, but this is the direction I'm thinking in.
As of 2015, there are 53 states party to the treaty, 29 of which, including all 12 original signatories to the treaty, have consultative (voting) status. Consultative members include the seven nations that claim portions of Antarctica as national territory. The 46 non-claimant nations either do not recognize the claims of others, or have not stated their positions.


If this happy flag family signing and resigning a treaty to protect a chunk of 2 mile deep ice is not suspicious, I do not know what is. North Korea, Russia and the United States on the same treaty is strange enough, but the contents of the treaty are even stranger. I am not going to do anyone's homework in reference to the research of the contents of this Treaty. In a nutshell it means that any given country can't do jack there.

Don't let those tourist cruises mislead you. You will pay an arm and a leg to see a square mile of a some cold place. And you will be given a chance to pet a penguin, or two.

Other than that, the "Treaty" prohibits any corporation, or military activity. Military equipment is to be used for protection of the "Treaty" only. No oil drilling, etc. Those select scientists need protection to drill the ice in some crazy cold weather, I guess. They do it since 1898. Does anyone know what they are doing there? What is a single useful accomplishment?

Back to Global Warming

We have this interesting inconsistency happening to our "Global Warming" process. In a way it suggests that "Warming" is more local than global.

KD summary: My hypothesis on all of the above is something like this.
  • We have two freezers keeping the Flood waters accumulated at the polar regions.
  • The North Pole Freezer has failed, causing heavy melting to the Arctic Ice.
  • Unable to fix the Northern Freezer, TPTB freaked out and went into the "Global Warming" mode.
  • TPTB can not make the true issue public, hence the "Global Warming" term.
  • The South Pole Freezer was cranked to full capacity to compensate for the failed North one.
  • The Antarctic Treaty is protecting the freezer, as well as our sanity.
  • The Arctic region freezer is conveniently surrounded by some trustworthy countries. Hence no Treaty is required.
  • The Great Biblical Flood happened barely prior to the first emergence of the Ruin Paintings.
I might revisit this thread to polish it up a bit. Pretty sure I forgot to mention quite a few relevant SH forum threads. Feel free to add those if they pertain. So far, I simply wanted to through this out there, and see what the general opinion would be.

P.S. Greenland used to be green, right?

1592 Prioris Hemisphaerii

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Watched a video today in German about someone claiming that the deep state is currently frying the Arctic via heating up the ionosphere with HAARP like technology. In order to simulate a global warming to support the global warming scam and cover up the growing danger of a next ice age. If they are really doing that it would be important for the PTB to seed stories like the one above, directing people away from the truth.

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Global Freezing.

Something seems to me that the natural temperature of the earth is Antique temperature. Heat. People could walk without pants :) (This version has confirmation, because geologists-archaeologists in our part of the world believe that it was really warm. True, these dates are the 5th century of ordinary history. I do not know how true this is, but apparently it was warm. Another proof that the Mammoth Elephants walked along Siberia, and their corpses are dug up whole, with skin and wool)

Most likely, the population received energy through the Town Halls, Towers. That is why the Crosses were there (Although if you start to study, you will find out that the Christian cross is an invention of the late 19th century. Many "churches" have incomprehensible crescents and just sticks!)

Then something happened. Maybe Nuclear War. Many Russian researchers find nuclear metal in the ground. If you follow the world government, then it is obvious that they fly on airplanes and throw off some kind of rubbish. This stuff lowers the temperature. As we apparently fought against global warming, and caused the collapse of Texas. Apparently the nuclear or volcanic winter is coming to an end. Also, apparently this is due to CO-2. Apparently atmospheric electricity depends on this level. And if it sparks again in skyscrapers, then gasoline-coal will disappear. And then any village can build a tower and use it :)

Message from Video by author

"БольшАя часть диванных экспертов по ядерному оружию почему-то ставят знак равенства между ядерной бомбой и Чернобылем, хотя в Чернобыле не было ядерного взрыва, а был тепловой выброс радиоактивных обломков и пыли из реактора. Чернобыльская катастрофа раскидала по окрестности исходное радиоактивное вещество — Уран, который имеет период полураспада 700 миллионов лет. Радиоактивная пыль поднялась в воздух и была разнесена на тысячи километров. Последствия чернобыльской катастрофы будут фонить еще очень долго. А вот на семипалатинском ядерном полигоне в Казахстане идут работы по возвращению части земель для сельского хозяйства. Вот например дозиметрист спокойно ходит по эпицентрам ядерных взрывов и измеряет радиацию. С ним ходит репортер телеканала Наука два ноль. Что это? Неужели они кандидаты на премию Дарвина? Или они просто немного больше знают чем мы? Кстати, ссылка на видео в описании. Короче говоря, через несколько десятков лет после взрыва заметно фонит только в самом эпицентре, если эту землю вывезти или засыпать толстым слоем, то на этой местности можно жить. Радиации через 60-80 лет уже не будет, и чтобы обнаружить следы взрыва нужно будет исследовать грунт на наличие изотопов Цезия 137. Кстати, некоторые воронки от ядерных взрывов используются как водопой для коров, кто-то в них даже купается. Самый показательный пример восстановления городов от ядерных взрывов — Хиросима и Нагасаки. Теперь обещанные случаи обнаружения радиации и изотопов: Случай первый: В Центре Тулы при прокладывании канализации были найдены старинные подвалы или печи, а немного в стороне было найдено старинное захоронение. В раскопе на глубине 2-х метров четко прослеживался черный слой пожара 1835 года, этот пожар известен официальным исследователям и они не делают из него тайны. Этому пожару предшествовал пролет странного огненного шара, который заметили в городе Крапивна. Падение шара в город Тула и вызвало пожар 1835 года. Запись об этом нашел в архиве наш соратник Вадим, канал Неофициальная история. Он же попросил археологов разрешения взять пробы грунта из черного слоя, и из слоёв выше и ниже, после чего пробы грунта были отправлены в 3 независимые лаборатории, в одну из которых образцы передал Кунгуров. Все 3 независимые лаборатории были обнаружили в черном слое изотопы Цезия-137, в слоях ниже и выше изотопы обнаружены не были. Для справки — Цезий 137 в природе не встречается, он может получиться только от ядерного взрыва. По каждому эпизоду были фильмы, все ссылки в описании под видео. Теперь буду зачитывать письма наших подписчиков, тех, кто разбирается в вопросе полураспада: Пишет Иван, тема письма — «про закопанные города»: У меня есть одно непротиворечивое предположение, зачем это было сделано: дезактивация. То есть после атомной войны выпало огромное количество радиоактивных осадков, которые засыпали города, и чтобы их не строить вновь в других местах, просто засыпали слоем строительного мусора, может от разрушенных районов. И как следствие: это легко проверить: раскопать и проверить на радиацию. Проблема в том, что самые опасные и соответственно легко обнаруживаемые изотопы Цезий-137 и Стронция-90 имеют период полураспада около 30 лет, так что если предположить, что СОБЫТИЕ произошло около 200 лет назад, должно остаться 1 делить на 2 в 7 степени начального количества этих радионуклидов. но это всего одна 256-ая часть, что не является проблемой для современных приборов. Итак план такой: копаем яму, или скважину в подозрительном месте, относим образец в лабораторию и получаем НЕОПРОВЕРЖИМОЕ доказательство того, что ядерная война БЫЛА, ибо иначе эти изотопы НИКАК попасть не могут!! На что я ему отправил фото того, что было найдено при прокладывании кабеля в Туле: копнули всего навсего на 2 метра, и обнаружилось: оплавленное стекло — тектиты, кости. Также я ему скинул ссылку на видео с результатами анализа почвы, в котором нашли цезий 137. ___"

"“Most of the sofa experts on nuclear weapons for some reason put an equal sign between a nuclear bomb and Chernobyl, although there was no nuclear explosion in Chernobyl, but there was a thermal release of radioactive debris and dust from the reactor. The Chernobyl disaster scattered the original radioactive substance around the neighborhood - Uranium, which has a half-life of 700 million years. The radioactive dust rose into the air and was carried thousands of kilometers. The consequences of the Chernobyl disaster will be radiating for a very long time. But at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in Kazakhstan, work is underway to return part of the land for agriculture. For example, a dosimetrist. calmly walks through the epicenters of nuclear explosions and measures radiation. With him is a reporter from the TV channel Science Two Zero. What is this? Are they candidates for the Darwin Prize? Or do they just know a little more than we? By the way, the link to the video in the description. In short, through several decades after the explosion, there is noticeable fonit only in the very epicenter, if this land is taken out or covered with a thick layer, then it is possible to live in this area. Radiation in 60-80 years will be gone, and in order to detect traces of the explosion, it will be necessary to examine the soil for the presence of isotopes of Cesium 137. By the way, some funnels from nuclear explosions are used as a watering hole for cows, someone even bathes in them. The most illustrative example of rebuilding cities from nuclear explosions is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now the promised cases of detection of radiation and isotopes: Case one: In the center of Tula, when laying the sewage system, ancient cellars or stoves were found, and an old burial place was found a little away. In the excavation at a depth of 2 meters, a black layer of the fire of 1835 was clearly traced, this fire is known to official researchers and they do not make a secret of it. This fire was preceded by the passage of a strange fireball, which was noticed in the city of Krapivna. The fall of the ball into the city of Tula caused the fire of 1835. A record of this was found in the archive by our colleague Vadim, the Unofficial History channel. He also asked archaeologists for permission to take soil samples from the black layer, and from the layers above and below, after which the soil samples were sent to 3 independent laboratories, to one of which Kungurov gave the samples. All 3 independent laboratories detected Cesium-137 isotopes in the black layer, but no isotopes were found in the layers below and above. For reference - Cesium 137 is not found in nature, it can only be obtained from a nuclear explosion. There were films for each episode, all links in the description under the video. Now I will read the letters of our subscribers, those who understand the half-life issue: Ivan writes, the subject of the letter is “about buried cities”: I have one consistent assumption why this was done: decontamination. That is, after the atomic war, a huge amount of radioactive fallout fell, which covered cities, and in order not to build them again in other places, they were simply covered with a layer of construction waste, maybe from destroyed areas. And as a consequence: it is easy to check: to excavate and test for radiation. The problem is that the most dangerous and, accordingly, easily detectable isotopes Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 have a half-life of about 30 years, so if we assume that the EVENT happened about 200 years ago, there should be 1 divided by 2 to the 7th power of the initial amount. of these radionuclides. but this is only one 256th part, which is not a problem for modern devices. So the plan is as follows: we dig a hole, or a well in a suspicious place, take the sample to the laboratory and get INCONDIBUTABLE proof that there was a nuclear war, because otherwise these isotopes can NOT get into ANYWHERE !! To which I sent him a photo of what was found when laying the cable in Tula: they dug only 2 meters, and it was found: melted glass - tektites, bones. I also threw him a link to a video with the results of soil analysis, in which they found cesium 137. ___ "


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