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Recently ran into a bit of conspiracy theory that I'd like to either confirm or deny. Heard/read that the 5th number of your ss# identifies your ethnicity and that it is being used to determine government benefits and credit worthiness and has been since it's inception. Was wanting to ask the site members if the 5th number of their ss# was even or odd and if they'd be willing to reveal their ethnicity. Not wanting to start a racial discussion, just get a simple vote. My consideration as to how it relates to history is in relation to the orphan trains. With a global relocation of children of all nationalities, there MAY have been a sort of tagging system that was implemented.
Genealogies are suspect "official narratives" at best and a simple survey could quickly confirm or disprove an ethnic tagging of relocated populations. Admittedly, such a tracking system (if it existed) would have been a later implement as orphan trains were in use before the existence of the social security administration although such info was based on census records. Originally, the choices were black, white, or other. In 1980, other racial options were added and to update the older records, census records were used to fill in the blanks. What started this line of inquiry was a discussion I had with a biracial friend who assured me that the fifth number of your ss# was a racial identifier and that credit worthiness and government benefits were determined by this number. She provided the following link as evidence: Will the middle number of your ssn determine your race even being black. | Credit Karma. Whoever answered the question was not a credit karma official and, frankly, sounded like a racist crock of caca to me. A cursory investigation led me to this site: v62n4p9.pdf. It's a government site that explains social security numbers and racial tracking, allegedly for the purpose of assuring equal representation. The 5th number of my SSN is an even number which, according to the CT means that I have negroid blood. I'm a racial mutt anyway so I don't care (though, if true, mama got some 'splainin to do) but it got me thinking about the orphan trains. In those days where you came from and what your parentage was were important considerations. Coming from a "good family" with a good name was your introduction to society so handing children out like fruit baskets having no background (of which we're aware) seems almost like a punishment rather than a charitable act. Clearing up this mystery should be a quick and simple enterprise and I don't expect this thread to last long. For those willing to participate, please state whether the 5th number of your SSN is an even number or an odd number (please don't post your whole SSN) and whether or not you have negroid blood (as far as you know). For example, using my own information, the 5th number of my SSN is even and afaik, I have no negroid blood. Nor are any orphans mentioned in our lineage. Thank you in advance for your participation.
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