Preparing for Emergencies


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Aug 27, 2020
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Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a rural environment with the ability to perhaps" run for the hills" in the event of any natural or created, disaster emergency.
Having survived such a disaster in recent years, I witnessed the results in the general public reaction. Those who were not in some level of preparedness, found themselves without food,water,fuel,electricity,cash and homes in some cases, causing food riots when the stores were open and were helpless and totally reliant on the non existant government response.

To a large extent, the local populace were amazing in the area I was in, a rural community, small township. They helped each other out,were patient and had bushfire plans in place.The people who lost the plot were mostly city folk/tourists trapped in the area ( many had refused to leave when adviced to, not thinking it possible they could be under threat). They couldn't leave as many had not enough fuel to drive home and for a time the roads were all cut off. For one day there was no shops,fuel stations open at all then the next a green grocer opened under solar and generator power but were selling for cash only, the locals calmly got just enough for themselves and stood in line sharing experiences and information with one another, but the out of towner's grabbed as much as they could and started yelling in anger and panic when they got to the checkout and had no cash.

When the electricity came back on , the supermarkets reopened for cash only but almost immediately had to close because of fighting in store over goods ( again it was the visitors not the locals causing trouble) and abuse of staff by people with no cash as the banks were still closed and atm's not on.The riot squad came and the supermarkets closed again. When they reopened it was with set rules in place and rations per person, there were no wholesale deliveries able to restock with the roads closed.
The look of stress,fear,and panic on these people's faces was something to behold.
Gang's started wandering about robbing evacuated people's homes, some well organised with big trucks, only a tiny percentage were local oppurtunists, most were out of town organised gangs.There was no radio, sporadic and slow internet, and the police presence was widely stretched and response time long.

So I have two reasons for starting this thread.
Firstly to let people be aware that if an emergency situation of any kind were to happen in cities, they will be very dangerous , unpredictable places to be in.
Secondly to say that you yourself need not become one of the helpless people, even if you cannot escape the city confinement, there are things you can do to be prepared and give yourself some breathing space and time to make a plan how to proceed in a calm useful manner without panic or fear.
To this end , here is a good link to a page and site that will help you to be always ready for such an event, and I hope people will add in here with other links to useful self help information and with advice themselves.

How to Start Prepping FAST | The Survivalist Blog

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