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Humayun's Tomb in Delhi India.

Burial site of Mughal emperor.

Every entrance is adorned with the six pointed star, often called 'Star of David' (although King David of Old Testament scripture never used such a symbol, the ancient symbol used was the candelabra/menorah)...

Some theorize this six sided star (two triangles, united, pointed in opposite directions) is actually the Biblical "Star of Remphan" - a deity to whom the ancient Hebrews worshipped and offered sacrifice unto. See Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:23

The explanation given at the Tomb is that the Mughal dynasty used the six pointed star as a cosmic symbol of adornment.

This symbol is featured most prominently on each entrance and side (not only the Western gate, as the sign seems to explain.)

This was very surprising to me, and of course I am sure most reading this already know that the " nazi swastika" is aactually an ancient Hindu religious symbol called "swasthika" ...
which is an auspicious religious symbol, especially used when starting a new business, new home, anything new, and is featured prominently on all Hindu temples

Of course, the Star of David as it is popularly known, is the only feature on the flag of the nation of Israel, which is absolutely NOT the same thing as Biblical Israel.

Anybody who knows Old Testament (Torah and Prophets) and New Testament and the bit of history regarding 70A.D. and the destruction of the Second Temple and sack of Jerusalem: there is no more people (nation) of Israel and there is certainly no land given by the God of the ancient Israelites to modern day Israelites. (Interestingly, you can find Orthodox Jews in NYC who protest AGAINST the nation of Israel.... why? Their reply: Because it has not been ordained by God...)

Lots in this thread, I know.
tl;dr version: All powerful symbols have been co-opted and twisted. Now we must uncover why
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