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This is meant to be short and sweet. Connect the dots. There are two types of rapid evolution; a conscious, and an unconscious type.

Conscious Type - Selective Breeding

Soviet Red Fox
Only the most tame foxes were allowed to breed. That is, foxes that would respond most favorably to a human handler. That is the selection method.​
Foxes in Class I are friendly toward experimenters, wagging their tails and whining. In the sixth generation bred for tameness we had to add an even higher-scoring category. Members of Class IE, the "domesticated elite", are eager to establish human contact, whimpering to attract attention and sniffing and licking experimenters like dogs.​

Great American Red Fox.jpg
Sissy Commie Red Fox.jpg

Pleiotropy occurs when one gene influences two or more seemingly unrelated phenotypic traits.

Artificial Selection on Relative Brain Size in the Guppy
Result: By the second generation the difference between the large and small-brained females was already: 8.0%–9.3%, for males: 5.0%–8.3%​

Pleiotropic result: Large brained type had smaller guts and produced fewer offspring. Interesting to note that the gut-brain is a single integrated system that develops together at precisely the same time in the growing fetus. Large-brained females very clearly outperformed small-brained females in a learning task (males performed the about the same, but look at the black line on chart to see the experiment clearly ran into a problem on generation F2).

The Spartans were regarded by the Hellenes as being each worth three of their own in battle. The Spartans are known to have applied artificial selection principles. Spartan women were regarded as more beautiful.

Conclusion: "Evolution" by conscious effort produces rapid change across a wide genetic spectrum in just a few generations. Dogs are not special. This same potential exists for all lifeforms, including humans. The Spartans were probably not the first to apply this principle. Gene editing is not necessary to induce massive changes quickly.

Wolf to Dog.jpg

Fancy Dumbo Rat.jpg

The second type of evolution, the unconscious type, is even more interesting, but will take some take to prepare. And I am not talking about the animal kingdom "survival of the fittest" Darwinian selection type—that type of selection only maintains form, doesn't cause wild changes unless you invoke thousands or "millions of years." Stay tuned!
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My previous post establishes the potential rapidity of morphic changes when an organism is subject to conscious manipulation. Plant examples with cross-breeding could easily fit too. And many others.

What I mean to establish this time is that such rapid changes are possible without any conscious intervention at all, but usually such changes are not evolution, but involution—extreme, rapid degeneration. But not always! Extinct Bird Re-Evolved Itself Back Into Existence

Cave creatures lose eyesight, hair, and pigment. We are told "millions of years," I say a few generations.

The olm, a blind salamander endemic to caves of southeastern Europe, and the Texas Blind Salamander:

Texas Blind Salamander.jpg

It is somewhat a problem for the official story to have two cave creatures on opposite sides of the world "evolve" in the same exact way. But who cares!

As reported in the Oct. 14 edition of the journal Nature, two genes...are key to the blind fish's failure to develop sight in its embryonic stages.—Scientists Find Clue To Blindness In Cavefish

Epigenetics - As an organism grows and develops, carefully orchestrated chemical reactions activate and deactivate parts of the genome at strategic times and in specific locations.

Blind cave fish lost eyes by unexpected evolutionary process
Instead, the genes have been switched off by the addition of chemical tags called methyl groups. This is what is known as an epigenetic, rather than genetic, change.​

Epigenetic inheritance is an unconventional finding. It goes against the idea that inheritance happens only through the DNA code that passes from parent to offspring. It means that a parent's experiences, in the form of epigenetic tags, can be passed down to future generations.—Epigenetics & Inheritance

'Memories' pass between generations

Behaviour can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory, animal studies suggest.​

The animals were trained to fear a smell similar to cherry blossom.​
The team at the Emory University School of Medicine, in the US, then looked at what was happening inside the sperm.​
They showed a section of DNA responsible for sensitivity to the cherry blossom scent was made more active in the mice's sperm.​
Both the mice's offspring, and their offspring, were "extremely sensitive" to cherry blossom and would avoid the scent, despite never having experienced it in their lives.​
Changes in brain structure were also found.​
"The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations," the report concluded.​

Blood memory, plus epigenetics, plus...Julius Evola?? C.G. Jung?

The Mystique of Race in Ancient Rome

The single, atomic, deracinated individual does not exist. When he presumes to be a being in itself, he is deceived in the most pathetic way, because he cannot even name the last of the organic processes that condition his life and finite consciousness. The individual is part of a group, a folk, a gente. He is part of an organic unity, whose most immediate vehicle is blood, and is extended both in space and time.​
There is a “life” of life, a mystical force of blood and folk. It subsists beyond the forces of the life of the individuals that are dissolved in it at death or that are given by it through new birth: it is therefore a vitae mortisque locus [a place of life and death]—a place that encompasses life and death and that for that very reason stands beyond both.​

It is perhaps very difficult to understand, even more difficult to explain, but what we are talking about is the Soul. This is the true meaning of the "Collective Unconscious"—the original term was "genius." Memories and experiences of your ancestors exist within your blood, and when you have children your "spirit" (mind) will become part of their "subconscious"—their intuition (is your "internal dialogue" really just yourself?) But more—your family/tribe/racial collective soul exists beyond the individual and its vehicle is blood.

...we can for example recall the undeniable relation of the genius with the popular Christian conception of the “guardian angels” or of the good and evil angels, these images that have become absolutely mythological and deprived of the essential and concrete relation with the blood and mystical forces of the race.​

This could go on and on, but let me wrap this up: Blood is alive, blood memory is real, epigenetics is the real "mutation" potential that gets recorded in your blood memory and passes on (radiation never causes anything beneficial!), and we've also found the Soul.
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Update! I just have to add this modern example of human selective breeding. Do you really imagine Spartans were the first? Well, they aren't the last.

Yao Ming. At the time of his final season, he was the tallest active player in the NBA, at 2.29 m (7 ft 6 in)

The boy's parents, after all, were retired basketball stars whose marriage the year before had made them the tallest couple in China. The mother, Fang Fengdi, an austere beauty with a pinched smile, measured 1.88 m—more than half a foot taller than the average man in Shanghai. The father, Yao Zhiyuan, was a 2.08-m giant—Yao Ming: the basketball giant made in China by order of the state

Sun Mingming is a Chinese professional basketball player and actor. He is the tallest professional basketball player in the world, and was measured by the Guinness World Records as 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m) tall.

Sun Mingming and Dwayne Johnson - The Rock.jpg
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