Seeking Moderators for Spanish and Russian Forum


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Aug 25, 2020
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We are currently in the process of creating two new forums:
  • A russian-language forum at
  • A spanish-language forum at
For this we are looking for volunteers who speak the language and like to help out with moderating. The only requirement is that you speak the language well enough to be able to moderate.

If you are interested, please PM me - don't worry about too much work, you don't have any obligation to spend a set amount of time moderating, and over time we will find a group of moderators just like it is in this forum.

Due to the barriers we set for new members - no writing privilege in the off-topic section, no links in the first post, and other things like automated spam-detection and approval-queue for new posts, the work-load is relatively reasonable.


The reason we invest our time into this (there's a lot of administrative work associated with running multiple forums) is that it's extremely important to bring different cultures together. The language barriers in the world still sustain some kind of parallel worlds, and a lot of knowledge existing in one part of the world is kept from being known in others due to this barrier. For example, we don't really have a good idea yet what's happening in the spanish-speaking world when it comes to buried history. Between Russian and English there has already been a bit of cooperation, mostly via people translating from russian into english.

Having forums for different languages will allow us to break down this barrier a bit, since there are always some members who are able to translate from one language into the other.

Another area where we try to bring different languages together is with the documentary project - we are translating from german into both english and italian already.


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Dec 11, 2020
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Hola, buenas noches.
Pueden contar conmigo, aunque español no es mi lengua madre. Un saludos.
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