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Aug 25, 2020
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Hello all,

We've created a cryptpad instance on for collaboration on documents:

CryptPad is built to enable collaboration. It synchronizes changes to documents in real time. Because all data is encrypted, the service and its administrators have no way of seeing the content being edited and stored.​
CryptPad provides a full-fledged office suite with all the tools necessary for productive collaboration. Applications include: Rich Text, Spreadsheets, Code/Markdown, Kanban, Slides, Whiteboard and Polls.​
The applications are complemented by a set of collaboration features such as chat, contacts, color by author (code/markdown), and comments with mentions (rich text).​

Cryptpad is open-source. You can join our instance for free. Every user gets 200mb of encrypted storage. You can create teams and invite others to join the team to work on a shared document. You can also use it to securely and privately store your own documents for personal use without sharing them with anyone.

Note that your password can't be recovered, since it's all end-to-end encrypted. If you lose your login details, you will permanently lose access to your account.

Important notes
  • Your password is the secret key that encrypts all of your documents. If you lose it there is no way to recover your data.
  • If you are using a shared computer, remember to log out when you are done. Only closing the browser window leaves your account exposed.
  • To keep the documents you created and/or stored without being logged in, tick "Import documents from your anonymous session".

We also want to remind our forum members that we have a chat hosted at, and a video chat at
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