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The first five minutes are very interesting, frankly I don't know what to think about the website he's presenting to us, the woman who seems to be a head of the illuminati and than her daughter who runs a restaurant serving human flesh. It all seems to be a bit much, but still very interesting website.

...apologies @Jbcool2244, I have to add some info...
KD addition: I have never heard of any of this, so I'm taking the below info with the grain of salt. There is no way to verify any of this, at the same time it's better to have something (info) and not need it, than need something, and not have it. We are talking about the current Rulers and Cannibalism here.
  • Source on Illuminati Communications: Glamis Calling
    • This site serves as the official external communication vehicle for the World Governing Council and the Wettin Upper Chamber.
    • If you’ve been directed here for instruction, note that most messages are intentionally obscure.
    • If you have difficulty understanding a particular message, you may reach out to Luxembourg Cathedral on Node 9 of the Forgotten Frequency.
    • After authentication you may receive additional instruction.
    • In the Upper Chamber we often say, “Debate is required, respectful dissent is allowed, and betrayal is death.”
    • Bear this in mind as you read the instructions written herein. By the time information is posted here, the debate is over and dissent has been noted.

      Best Regards,
      Somerset Belenoff
KD: I have my doubts about this Glamis Calling. Hosted on WordPress servers with domain name registered on 01/25/2019. Not too long ago, and not too serious, IMHO. But... what do I know? This could be some reverse psychology, or smth.
Somerset Belenoff?
The Witch of Glamis Castle
Somerset Belenoff.jpg
"I pull the strings, and the elite dance"
- Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran

Ok, we have this lady named Somerset Belenoff. She is allegedly empowered with running the Earth. At least that is what I get out of the above video. The above linked website had the following quick facts mentioned:
  • Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran, chairs the World Governing Council and is the Chief Executive Officer of the World Security Office, which is the prosecutorial and enforcement arm of the House of Wettin's Upper Chamber. This is the powerful cabal which controls all of the elite Illuminati groups familiar to researchers.
  • She is the registered owner of the Bohemian Grove domain name and is likely the owner of the actual property where Bohemian Grove is located
  • She attended Benenden School, of which Princess Anne is also an alumnus.
  • Vladimir Putin has said that The Countess of Banbury and Arran is both the most beautiful woman and the most terrifying person he has ever met
  • She rules the House of Wettin's Upper Chamber with an iron fist and is likely responsible for the execution of dozens of Illuminati (see the section titled "Purge of the Princes" on the There will be Blood tab). The most recent executions are those of 3 elite international bankers, murdered in California in May, 2018.
  • Through statements and actions over the years, Belenoff has made it very clear that she considers groups such as the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. to hold a lower position in the cabal than those born into nobility. She refers to these lesser Illuminati members as "grubby, downstairs staff, inferior in rank, intellect, common sense and breeding."
  • Has suggested that these "newly-moneyed" lesser Illuminati should be accustomed to living in mud huts with dirt floors, as befitting their actual rank.
  • Has been closely associated with the occult from a very early age - claims to have met the Devil at Glamis Castle when she was a child, and "frankly was not impressed"
  • Is the great grand daughter of Gregory Rasputin and the great great great grand daughter of Queen Victoria
  • Travels regularly to the Kremlin, the White House and of course Buckingham Palace - she arrives unannounced and without an invitation and she is probably the only person in the world who does this (uninvited yet completely welcome in all of those locations)
  • She was the driving force behind the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union and the ultimate fall of the Soviet Communist Party
  • Refers to international communism as "a filthy cabal, full of incompetent, lazy dogs who should be thrown from the castle walls at our earliest convenience."
  • She ordered Barrack Obama to bring down the government of Muamar Gaddafi and told him to be sure that the dictator would be shot in the street like a dog.
KD: Our Who Is Madam Belenoff website was created shortly after the Glamis Calling one... 04/06/2019


Related Video

As far as I recall, Jon Levi mentioned in his video, that one of Somerset Belenoff's daughters owns a restaurant in the Los Angeles area. For whatever reason Jon chose not to mention the word cannibalism, or may be human meat on their menu. I apologize if this is not what he meant, but googling Belenoff Restaurant Menu gave me this, so this is probably what Jon meant to say, but chose not to.
  • The restaurant supposedly lies beneath an old mental institute formerly known as Rancho Los Amigos.
Googling for the Hollydale Restaurant provides us with a restricted access page with an address of The below image is its zoomed in favicon. No clue what we have on it.


It's hooked up to a wordpress password protected blog.

KD: Once again, the domain name PeopleAreMeat.COM was registered fairly recently - 06/28/2019


The restaurant and staff are privately owned by Karina Belenoff, daughter of Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran. Karina sits on the Board of Governors at the World Governing Council in Luxembourg, and she travels frequently to Los Angeles to ensure The Hollydale is always in tip-top shape! An exceptionally talented concert-level pianist, she has been known to deliver a surprise performance from time to time, entertaining guests at the Hollydale’s Torso Room.
Is this like a bad joke? - Cannibal Cravings at The Hollydale

KD: Ok, I simply skimmed through the info, without doing any in depth research. As it stands, I am not even sure that this Somerset Belenoff even exists. May be she does, may be she does not. May be she is the so-called boss of the World Governing Council. Or may be the World Governing Council does not exist, or exists, but this is not the one.
  • Anyways, this is something we have this forum for. What do you think about all of this?
  • I did not find any photographs of this Somerset Belenoff, other than the possible one posted above.
  • I also feel like I wasted a bunch of my time on this.
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