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This is called 'winging it' so bear that n mind when reading.

I was listening to and occasionally watching a video where the speaker was puling together other peoples ideas of what consciousness is. Both interesting and tedious however on the screen came an image of star forts except, they weren't star forts. They were photographs of ice crystals taken through a microsope of water subjected to various intents. Dr Emoto and his crew was the chap who did the experiments and discovered the differences in the crystals.

On the forum there is a man seemingly convinced beyond all doubt that the field systems and canal systems are always 'there' around starforts and he makes great use of aerial imagery to show them in the landscape.
I was there looking for evidence of a star fort being excavated archaelogically or being destriyed by 'development'., they are subjects that the forum doesn't cover.

Here's the wnging connection.
So I gets up this morning and a 'download' revealed he liklihood that these 'forts' that aren't forts are energy devices used by people to gather in and give their individual intent to the water that is used to grow the crops of every description in the field systems and likely chinampas (starforts man hasn't considered chinampas as part of the system yet) which made the food into a collective medicine for the people. Everything that came into contact with the water benefitted from the intent it registered in the device. The natural world around and within this system also gains and so the atmospheric environment of such a charged system is of harmonics not disharmony.

Each device is constructed and shaped specifically for the area it is erected in and all the life within it, which is where the apparent wide range of shapes appears to suggest I'm writing bollocks. Maybe I am.

Picture you want pictures, I certainly did so here's a couple to visualise what I am ramblng on about.

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