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I haven't researched them extremely thoroughly, but did notice there seems to be quite an avoidance of actually calling them Star Towers:
Himalayan Towers. Interesting time and place!
  • 'These towers can be found both in cities and in uninhabited regions. They were described for the first time during the Ming dynasty(1368-1644). Carbon dating by Frederique Darragon shows they were built approximately 500-1800 years ago. Since they are generally located in prosperous villages, it is believed that their primary function was as a demonstration of a family's prestige within the community. At that time, wealth was acquired especially by the trade with the Mongols. For strength, many of the towers use a star pattern of walls as opposed to a strictly rectangular method. Heights can exceed 60 metres (200 ft).'
The following Smithsonian article has a few more interesting 'facts': They carbon dated wood, and made guesses...
  • 'Local ignorance of the towers' original purpose may trace to the area's history and geography. A millennium ago, the place was dominated by mountain tribes that, over the centuries, have maintained their isolation; in some areas they can barely speak with one another. "People in one valley usually cannot understand what is said in the next valley," says Darragon, who speaks some Mandarin Chinese and some Tibetan. She wonders if knowledge of the towers that was once passed down orally may have been lost as dialects evolved or disappeared.
  • Darragon was especially intrigued by the more than 40 roughly star-shaped towers she encountered. Some have 8 points, others 12. In both configurations, star-shaped towers are rare, scholars say. At least two others can be found in Afghanistan, including the Minaret of Bahram Shah in Ghazni. Darragon speculates that the star shape makes the Chinese structures less susceptible to tremors. "All the people I asked in the villages said the towers resist earthquakes," Darragon says. And, in fact, she found that the only towers still standing in the Kongpo area of Tibet are star-shaped, though it's certainly conceivable that those structures have survived for reasons other than their supposed earthquake resistance.'
There was also an interesting comment, below this article, stating:
  • In a Chinese documentary series, it is reported chillingly that Genghis Khan told his sons that no matter what, they should anhilate Western Xia. Most did not survive but a few managed to flee - those minyak towers were built by the survivors on the run and still being hunted and burnt out by the Mongols hunting them - they didn't give up trying to wipe out the minyaks.
  • Western Xia's culture was far more developed than the Mongols. So why does this documentary skirt the issue that these towers are the remains of an extermination of an entire kingdom? they even pursued those who fled - who does that remind you of?
  • JEng Jim Millar2 years ago
An Ancient Pages blurb states: 'The star-shaped towers have never been mentioned in centuries-old monastery documents. Furthermore, no trace of this Tibetan mystery could be found in the Chinese chronicles and other older diaries and records of Western travelers... '

Below are some images. I couldn't find many others however the articles say there are many around the area/world. I also included a modern image that came up, for Star Tower.

DuckDuckGo also brought up this article, which tweaked my conspiracy theory antennae: Star Tower Holding, based in Switzerland and London, whose saying on their start page is

Keeper of Morals. Interesting. More Builders.


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