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The force awakens
False left -right paradigm in full display. You will begin to see a pattern on these posters of sun light hitting or being placed in front of a lightsaber/staff. This light looks similar to a star or star symbol. This represents the rising of the sun child through the phallus (symbol of power and might) The masculine version of the kundalini, or chakra awakening. Rey (woman) being the sun child is an inversion of Luke Skywalker being the sun child (chosen one) in the old trilogy, man into woman, the merging of feminine and masculine.

download (2) (7).jpg

Dan Brown's~ Lost Symbol - Page 4 - Old Project Avalon Forum (ARCHIVE)

Red lightsaber with two handles on the sides represents an upside down Caduceus (also upside down cross). The upside down or inversion of woman to man, the as above so below. Whenever an object is the opposite side up/down it represents chaos, the red side chaos vs the blue side order. Ironically its the red side (first order) that seems to be more order than the blue side (rebels). The upside down pyramid of the hexagram also represents this.

kundalini.jpg2012 Movie Poster.jpg

The rising energy from the abyss into the minds eye. The alignment of the lightsabers makes a pyramid shape. The sun light/star aligns perfectly with the pyramid, giving an eye appearance.

Unnamefsefsed2.jpgdownload (9).jpgdownload (10).jpg

Starkiler base (giant planet in the background) encompassing behind the pyramid can be represented here. The circle representing eternal, the triangle representing power, the eye representing the watcher or devil or whoever tptb like to call him. The eye is interchangeable with the giant death laser that the Starkiller base has. (1).jpg

The eye on the star killer base looks similar to hal9000's red eye, eye of the beast, the destroyer. When I say destroyer I mean the beast, not the angel of the bottomless pit, which is in fact an angel and not a demon (most people confuse Apollyon as a demon)

download (1).pngdownload (8).jpgUnnamesfsfdawwad2.jpg

Side note, the starkiller base blows up 5 planets simultaneously, 5 is the occult number of death, more on this thread below.

The little horn can be likened unto the red eye or eye of the pyramid. The pyramid itself is an enlarged obelisk. The new order forms from the empire (old order, old horns) and is encompassed in between them. This correlates to the sun light rising above the lightsaber as seen previously.

download (12).jpgdownload (13).jpg

You will also begin to see alot of one eye symbolism as we continue.


The last Jedi
download (3).jpgdownload (4) (2).jpg
Left right paradigm still in display, sides are switched now; occult transferring red into blue, black into gold, alchemical. The placements of the blue and red lightsabers form the shape of a rhomboid, which is a slanted square, a symbol of chaos. Square = order - titled square or rhomboid = chaos, red vs blue.
Obvious starchild imagery is obvious, the grand star the star of isthar being held by Rey. Above it clouds Luke and Kylo, both with the one eye symbolism. Both are enshrouded in red, darkness, false light being exposed by the bright blue star, blue exposing red.
Red and white, war of the roses imagery is very prominent here. The red looks like it was painted onto the white, painting of shed blood on innocence. Blood turns darkened when exposed for some time, darkened blood (war and chaos) over white (innocence and peace).
Kylo Ren's ship is in the shape of a trapezoid. The trapezoid masquerades as the pyramid, sometimes even the base of it. The new order (first order) trying to be like the old order (imperial empire). Kylo imitating Vader. 4 ships encompass it on each side equalling 8 or the number of new beginnings, Kylo's attempt at creating a new order from the former past. A new start, a new galaxy.


The rise of Skywalker
People compressed into the triangle in the centre of the poster resembles the rites of freemasonry; correlate left side of the poster with the left side of the rite pyramid, vice versa for the right side.

download.jpgdownload (1).jpgdownload (5).jpg
Yet again the right vs left, blue vs red false hegelian dialectic. Notice Palpatine (emperor) over shadowing both sides, controlling both the good and evil. His hands resemble the freemasonic chest sign or coffin sign, representing death, the rebirth (exposed coffin) of Palpatine.

The destroyed death-star represents a crescent moon, the feminine version of Luke Skywalker, Rey, which the moon points to.


Notice how the light/star is now on Rey's lightsaber, she now wields the light (white), illuminating the darkness (red) which you saw in the previous imagery. First the light descends to her, then she grabs the light, finally she wields it and gains its true power, becoming the sun child. A feminine version of King Arthur if you will. Freemasons love to invert the man and women in almost everything you can think of. (2) (1)

People were expecting the last movie to have the titles match up to say something like "the force awakens - the last jedi - from his sleep etc..." instead the titles present this: "The force awakens - the last jedi - the rise of Skywalker" completely disrupting the flow of the titles. I do, however, believe that this is a simple use of old english, saying "the rise of Skywalker" at the end is simple an adjective to the last jedi. The "last jedi" is the rise of the Skywalker, the Skywalker (last jedi) that once came has risen back (palpatine) becoming the false hope. Luke Skywalker started as the chosen one, ascending to the sky to defeat the empire, but is now become the emperor, the walker of this galaxy, becoming the dark side, revealing his true self.

False hope, lightside, Lucifer - True evil, darkside, Satan


White = light - Black = darkness
Of course the movie states they are separate people for plot points, but in the occult these are the same person, the string puller to which he plays his instrument, the musical chosen one, the "return" of the false king.

download (16).jpgdownload (18).jpg
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