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Evil Elite hide history to humans since thousand years ago (after every reset, the word of these days is "mud flood"), but in the spiritual arena they hide demons history too. Today I present you the LILITH case. Are you afraid? Let's go!

Every civilization has their false deities, but in all of them there are certain dark spirits that keep its favourite place among the worshippers. And Lilith is one bad female spirit of the underworld very loved in clandestine levels.

Some spiritists define her as a "tall green skin nude seductive female fast athletic agressive woman of another dimension", she is very old but she looks young, some says that she is beautiful, some that she is deadly= she is a demon that drags men/women to hell.

You know her, but with different names. LILITH is JEZABEL, APHRODITE, VENUS, ATHENAS, SEMIRAMIS, "The Queen of the Night" and so many many names from "the beggining of human history" that have been changed after the restart of civilization.

STATUE OF LIBERTY is acussed to be LILITH. Even modern movies try to sell a good image of "camouflaged" Lilith, like the daughter of Thanos in INFINITY WAR.

The question is WHY CHANGE THE NAME OF THAT WOMAN DEMON after a world dissaster? The answer is obvious: she is - in the spiritual ground - "one of the main evil spirits" responsible for the destruction of civilizations, I mean each one. And her speciallity is PERVERSION against men and women, like in "Sodoma Gomorra" according to the bible, and that is the "key of the fail" of old world societies.
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