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The iconic Holy Rosary church in Tacoma is permanently closing and will be demolished. The church, which sits near Interstate-5 with its spire rising into the air, is not safe for worship services and would cost too much money to repair, according to Catholic church officials.
  • Seattle’s Archbishop J. Peter Sartain released a statement which said after almost a year of talking with consultants, the church found it would cost more than $2 million just to secure and re-open the building.
    • KD: Weird that back in the day they could afford building these by the droves.
  • Holy Rosary’s Gothic Revival-style church was completed in 1921, after the original wood church was outgrown and condemned. The church spire is visible from Interstate 5 in Tacoma.
  • Iconic Holy Rosary church to be demolished in Tacoma
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