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Is Tartary a Red Herring

Is it on maps? Yes
Did it survive? No
Did it have advanced technology?
Obviously not since it was wiped out.
Was it filled with giants? Possibly. But then we have evidence for just about every culture having giants.

What we have are remnants of the past... Temples, Monuments, and buildings that no one seems to know why they were built and why they are so big.

What we do have is an esoteric society hell bent on the artificial and unnatural , the control and destruction of humanity.
We see the eagle of Rome and the Lion of Judah pop up on heraldry.

We know the Earth goes through changes. If "static in the attic" is correct then around 1812 major earthquakes hit everywhere in the world and caused geographical shifts. This induced major flooding, mud slides, and other catastrophes. It appears that this event buried the past along with a huge portion of the population.

We know we are being lied to. The Colorado River carved out the Grand Canyon, but the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Snake, the Danube, and the Nile doesn't carve out grand canyons.

It's all about control. But nothing is going to change and we will never get the answers we seek unless we get control.

The only thing I can think of is to stop using money. That is how they control. I just read the Gospels and I know of at least one guy that really hates it and warns us about it.

It seems daunting and impossible, but if the police and military and other government personnel get paid in money, and everyone stops accepting it as payment, I don't see too many people wanting to be apart of the government. Since they will have a hard time feeding, housing, and clothing themselves.

Just ranting...
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