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This book has been pretty popular lately. It was declassified by the CIA in 2013. But only 50 pages were released. Recently I came across what I think is the full uncensored book.

"How did I get the book ?:

Searching the internet, I found a topic here on this same subreddit, from two months ago, where one of the comments asked to get in touch with a man named Michael Weaver, since I do not live in the United States, I preferred to send an email, Michael replied quickly, this is his message:

"Yes, I met Mr. Thomas in the 1960's when he was a guest on a talk radio show in Kansas City, Missouri. At that time, the book he had that he brought with him and that I got a copy of was like a thirty page pamphlet, not really 'a book'. I spent several hours conversing with Mr. Thomas and skimmed through his 'book' which I put away for safe keeping and then later lost in a flooded basement in the early '70's.
In the mid' 80's I began trying to find a copy, but to no avail. I had been impressed with the description of a cataclysm - what Mr. Thomas called 'a tumble' but I could not well remember the details and was hoping to find a copy so I could better relate to others what he was explaining. I contacted book stores near and far, but again, to no avail. Sometime around the turn of the century, after I got 'interneted', I began searching again, and low and behold, a bookstore in England had a copy of a 'book' by Chan Thomas entitled 'The Adam And Eve Story' I immediately ordered it, as was astounded when I received an actual paper back book of over two hundred pages, divided into two sections: The Adam and Eve Story, 127 pages and Aftermath of The Adam and Eve Story, 85 pages. This book is a First Edition that was published by Bengal Tiger Press in 1993 and is much more comprehensive than the short pamphlet I had possessed those many years earlier. I set about to cull from those over 200 pages the basic description of what a cataclysm is, and that small bit is what I posted on the blog that you must have read. I recently had another person contact me, wanting the same info as you and I scanned the most of it into PDF file and sent to him, as I will for you. Happy Reading... Oh, and I don't know Anything about it ever having been 'classified info' though if it was, I guess it doesn't surprise me... I'm not very good a computer stuff - I had difficulty in sending the last two sections - when you get it all put together, if there are pages missing or unreadable, let me know and I will try to make it right. Glad to see the interest growing - so Please Share and keep Chan's works alive. And keep me informed as you go along to what is happening with this amazing info."

What's the difference for the CIA version:

- Includes three additional chapters: Cataclysms Revisited, Conclusion, and The Author

- Cataclysms Revisited from Page 63 to page 118, just prior to Conclusion India, Greece, Egypt and the entire end section.

- The Book is divided into two sessions: The Adam and Eve Story with 127 pages and the Aftermath of Adam and Eve Story with 85 pages, totaling 212 pages

Chapters of The Adam and Eve Story

- The Next Cataclysm
- The Great Floods
- The Story
- The Events
- Genesis
- Cataclysms Revisited
- Conclusion
- The Author

Aftermath of Adam and Eve Story

- Our Precursor
- Evolution
- Jesus the History
- Angels and UFOs
- Jesus and Cataclysms
- Afterthoughts
- Postlude
- Aftereffects
- The Author
- Recommended Reading
- What's Happening to Our Magnetic Field"

CIA Version -

Full Version - Chan Thomas - The Adam And Eve Story The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED) : Chan Thomas : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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