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Long time lurker first time poster. Love this place and all of your research. In regards to ancient tech power source...

You only have one side of the equation. Electricity is one side of dual force. The current electricity that you use is based on a low voltage, high amperage system. Utilizing a power source through copper touching magnets you are able to do work. Turn it in reverse and you are able to generate electricity.

Not sure if any of you are familiar with Coral Castle or its builder Ed Leedskalnin, but if not I definitely recommend reading up. Ed created a book about magnetism. In this book there are experiments one can do. They’re all already done on youtube. Two of them may stand out and show you the opposite force you are not taught very much about.

The opposing force of electricity is magnetism. The opposite of a magnet is called an electret. Instead of persistent magnetism it carries persistent electricity. Except you can think of it as high voltage low amperage electricity or simply “static electricity”. Very tiny crappy ones are used in some microphones. You will not be able to source one bigger or stronger than that. They exist and they are manufactured using exotic polymers. Again you will have no luck ever buying one. No one sells them. There is a reason for that and it’s not a good one. Very much in the spirit of this board. You can make one yourself. Definitely not strong like commercial made ones using exotic polymers, but strong enough to put some things you’re missing together.

Now when you take a tall tower with a metal antenna on the top and you run wire down a good distance, you create a difference in potential energy. Ham radio operators may be familiar with this and the shocks emitted. This electricity is again high voltage, low amperage. Unfortunately we can’t really do much work with high voltage, low amperage electricity. Amperage is what is need to get those magnets to help us do some work.

But, what if we took that same wire on a tower and used the end on the ground, to first give us the electricity needed to produce an electret from bees wax. High Voltage, Low Amperage goodness which we are just swimming in. Then lets say we put the electret in a similar configuration to how we would put a magnet in a motor. Then we hook up our source of HVLA to that electret in that configuration. Can we get it to turn?

So we’re looking at an electret made of resin or beeswax, some copper, and some height. All seem quite easily attainable in almost any era... The funny thing is that you could be looking right at a nice piece of charged wax and you’d think nothing of it. Maybe the tech you’re looking for doesn’t look like what you’d expect? Maybe another civilization stumbled upon the opposite force first?

Hope this helps. keep up the great work! If you put it together share with as many people as possible in the real world. When enough people know, flood the internet. I wish I could lay it out more in depth on here, but this will have to do. If anyone will put it together this group will. The reason things like this can be shielded from everyone is greed. Greed causes this knowledge to be in the hands of a few. Once everyone knows, the cork is out of the bottle... forever.

Some useful hints...

1. Leedskalnin did much of his work with known to us principles. The important part of his work for this is his book on magnetism and what it can teach you.

2. Static electricity is misunderstood in the mainstream sciences (it is definitely not in certain industries). It is not a buildup of charge per se, it is the temporary creation of a non permanent electret. That same charge does flow, harnessing that flow has been lost. You’ll also notice that static electricity is very how voltage and very low amperage.

3. The “Franklin’s Bells” experiment and it’s many variants are incredibly important. These experiments were done with purpose.

Imagine the below video using an electret power source instead of foil on the TV screen.

Another good one for learning purposes...

Static electricity, electrets, electrostatic forces... Learn all you can about them and ignore the mainstream explanation!

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