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Aside from the Cheetah thread, Are Cheetahs the result of ancient genetic engineering?, this forum is lacking in the nature department.
So, I bring to you all the mystery of the Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird has an interesting history. Having probable origins as suggested by the finding of Eurotrochilus in the Eastern Hemisphere; all extant Hummingbirds can only be found in the West today. The factors that make this small bird so unusual are plenty. Most notably the high frequency 500 wing flaps per second they accomplish in order to achieve their famous hover, which makes them appear to break the laws of physics. How is it possible that these creatures are so different from other birds?

All other known birds achieve lift 100% with their down stroke while the Hummingbird only uses 75% of its down stroke, leaving the other 25% to be compensated by their up stroke. Hummingbirds have a couple insectoid traits which are really out of place in such a creature. The way they fly as well as their beak which seems to be specifically to receive nectar are really out of character for a "bird". How did this happen? Let's discuss.
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