The Nature of the Beast (Part 5) The Gnostics, Archons & Devas

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Sep 3, 2020
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This penultimate part will attempt to identify the ‘spiritual forces’ or paranormal phenomena responsible for the manifestations and interference that has been described in the previous parts. In order to achieve this I think it's relevant to see if the teachings of the ‘Old World Belief System’ on the subject, (such as are still available to us,) have anything to offer. Some may consider the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library to be forgeries or fakes. This is largely a matter of personal opinion. However, the acid test is to see whether the teachings even recognise the phenomena and its effects or not.

[Due to its size, this series of posts was originally published in two parts under the title “The Doctrine of Suffering - its Origin & Effect on History.” Due to technical difficulties during restoration from the SH1 archive, many of the images were lost. I have taken the opportunity to repost the entirety in six smaller parts:]

Beside Ourselves

In this post I have relied heavily upon the work of John Lamb Lash with regard to the Nag Hammadi Gnostic material. However, I do have some issues with it. He tries desperately to infuse his interpretations with modern quantum techno and eco ‘babble’. The Gnostic creation myth of Sophia is hard enough to get a grip on without those added burdens, in my opinion. It’s also unclear whether the mainstream cosmological setting within which he places the myth is part of the original material or another attempt to appeal to the modern mindset. Either way, it detracts from the meaning, again in my opinion. For these reasons I will try to do without those elements.



Gnostic Creation Myth

The Gnostic creation myth of Sophia can be compared to the Oneness dreaming of Duality mentioned earlier in Part 1. However, it has some very strange and confusing aspects. I would struggle if I were to try and explain it all, so I won’t. I will just highlight the pertinent points.

The goddess or ‘Aeon’, Sophia’s dream became a burning passionate desire. The form into which this dream of duality emerged at its most dense level was what’s commonly called the solar system, but without the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. This framework is mechanical and inorganic. The Moon, Sun and the Earth are a separate harmonious organic partnership, trapped within this mechanical inorganic framework. The Earth is alive and sentient - being the terrestrial body of the goddess Sophia herself and all the life on the Earth comprises Sophia’s children. In the Gnostic Sophia myth, the motive for her plunge into three dimensional reality was the result of her overwhelming love and passion for the vision she held of the world and all its life forms.

The Contrast

As with everything else in a realm governed by duality, there had to be a contrast, an opposite, to Sophia’s vision, love and passion. However, it should be born in mind that duality is actually an ‘illusion.’ Buddhist scholar H. V. Guenther specifies, "Illusion does not mean the illusion of perception, but the false conclusion we base on perception." The opposite or contrast, is a duplicate of the original with its intention or purpose reversed. Duality presents us with an inverted reflection of the original, that we perceive as being genuine.



The Archons

Enter the Archons (the word ‘Archon’ comes from the Greek root archai, meaning “prior, before, in the beginning.”) They came into existence with the original inorganic framework. The Demiurge became the chief Archon. whilst the rest are simply drones who act in a mechanical manner under his command.

The Lord Archon organized everything in his world according to the model of the primary Aeons, given for him to see that he might recreate them. Not because he had seen the imperishable Aeons [by his own power], but by the power in him taken from his Mother, that allowed him to produce by likeness.” (Apocryphon of |John II 32.30-33.5).


The Demiurge is able to duplicate a habitat for himself and his kind, which is a kind of virtual reality simulation of the home of the gods. The Archons, being inorganic and lacking the ‘divine spark,’ are incapable of creativity or originality. However, it didn’t take long for the Demiurge to get ideas above his station,

because of the power of luminosity he possessed of Sophia’s light [which the goddess lent to his mind], he called himself [the only] god, and he did not obey the place from which he came” (Apocryphon of John, NHLE, 111).

The Demiurge is the epitome of materialistic ego, the very highest possible ideal of selfishness, conceit and arrogance. The nemesis of that quality we call humanity. In fact he is the distorted contrasting reflection of Sophia. He declares himself to be the Supreme Being. He tries to invade the human realm, but has no physical means to do so and can only cause mental harassment and confusion. (Apparently he prefers to work through royalty, dynastic lineages and blood lines – makes sense.)



The Nature of the Archons

The Archons envy humanity for the qualities of freedom and love, not to mention ingenuity and imagination, all of which they lack. These texts state that the envious Archons operate through deception and excel in simulation (Coptic HAL), but basically have no agenda or master plan except to disrupt and confuse. Their plan is “senselessness,” a pointless game of “fear and enslavement” (NHLE, 364-5) which humans succumb due to egotism and errors of judgement. Detesting the innocence and brilliance of the human species,

they delight in deception and confusion for its own sake, cosmic spoilers, tricksters bent on absurdity. Our confusion actually entertains them, and they feed vicariously off our fear.(Source)

(Please note: the Coptic word HAL, which describes the concept of the artificial simulation of reality, was the name used for the insane computer, HAL9000, in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey.”)

The Archon’s M.O.

The Gnostics identified the twofold Modus Operandi of the Archons’ interference in our world:
  • Psychic intrusion, visions or mental parasitism.
  • Deviant and insane beliefs framed in religious ideology, namely the chosen people, a supernatural saviour, the doctrine of suffering, apocalypse, and divine retribution. They believed that such notions were the direct result of channelling the Archons.

However, the Gnostics did not consider Archons to be intrinsically evil because they (the Gnostics) did not see evil in the world. Instead, they realised the risk of making mistakes and being misled – the Archons favourite pastime. Mistakes can be corrected, even- they believed - the error of the Archons can be corrected.


Deception and counterfeiting are the hallmarks of the Archons:

"Their delight is in deception [apaton] . . . and their counterfeit [antimimon] spirit" (Apocryphon of John, II, l:21).

Apaton is a Greek word meaning the ‘wilful intent to deceive’ and antimimon means "counter-mimicry" which signifies more than simple duplication in that the copy will achieve the exact opposite of the original’s purpose and intention (i.e. Duality.) Thus the Judeo-Christian divine redeemer was a counter-mimicry of the Gnostic Revealer.



The Enabler

As the Demiurge is incapable of original or creative thought then he could not be held responsible for creating the salvationist program of redemption, however, it was in his dualistic nature to collude with those human beings that did create it.

Yaldabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham . . . and made a covenant with him that if his seed would continue to serve him he would give to him the earth as an inheritance. Later through Moses he brought forth from Egypt the descendants of Abraham, gave them the law, and made them Jews. From them the seven gods, also called the Hebdomad, chose their own heralds to glorify each and proclaim Yaldabaoth as God, so that the rest of mankind, hearing the glorification, might also serve those who were proclaimed by the prophets as Gods. (Against Heresies, I .30. 10)

The Deception

The Archons lack the divine spark of ‘ennoia’,"intentionality," "creative will," although they are self-aware. Their duplication and inversion has to be done covertly in a deceptive way. Just as Sophia gave the Earth to all the living creatures on it, the Demiurge offered it to Abraham, even though it was already his. There we find the duplication. Then came the inversion – rather than the earthy paradise encapsulated in Sophia’s vision, the Archons deceptively instituted an agenda that leads to misery, suffering and confusion, culminating in an apocalypse.

The Correction

Mystery teachings do not carry apocalyptic predictions, but the plot of the Sophianic myth contains a key event called “correction” (Greek diorthosis), indicating a decisive moment in the human adventure when we as a species come to terms definitively with the Archon problem, the alien presence on Earth.” (ibid)


The overwhelming reason that the Old World Belief system was so thoroughly expunged was because its adepts knew the true identity of Jehovah or Yahweh. They knew it was none other than the entity they describe as The Demiurge. His name is Yaldabaoth (YAL-dah-BW-ot.)


Asmodeus or the Devil in the Rennes-le-Château Church…
or The Demiurge?


The Secret of Rennes-le-Château?

I wonder whether it was precisely this information that the priest, François Bérenger Saunière discovered at Rennes-le-Château in France? The mystery of Saunière’s unexplained wealth has never been revealed, only exploited by Dan Brown in “The Da Vinci Code” which was nowhere near as good as the book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln (also largely fictional.) Rennes-le-Château is close to the Château de Montségur where the Gnostic Cathars were massacred in 1244.


Château de Montségur


The Menorah

The seven-branched candlestick, or menorah, of the Jews is a symbolic representation of an asherah – a sacred tree. Which is rather odd considering their god commanded them to destroy all the sacred trees – or maybe not. In Gnostic terms this is typical of the Archon’s HAL principle of simulation. In the transfer from a natural organic form to a symbolic abstract replica certain subtle values are lost and replaced by other inorganic ones that are presented as being equal to or even superior to the original values. For example, when vinyl records were replaced by digital compact disks, they were promoted as giving superior sound and longevity to vinyl. This has proved to be a complete lie and exactly the opposite is true with the result that vinyl records are now making a comeback (yee-ha!). However, the vast majority of people don’t know and don’t care about this because they accepted the deception so now it forms part of their reality.



The Cross

The symbol of the crucifix is meant to represent the gentle loving Jesus and his sacrifice on our behalf, but it’s an instrument of death, torture and suffering. In churches they even have the figure of a man nailed to the cross wearing a crown of thorns with a look of agony on his face. It’s the ultimate symbol of suffering. A native from the Amazon jungle would look upon that and be horrified and make sure he wasn’t around for the next service, but Christians react in exactly the opposite manner.

The Gnostics recognised that the human mind is very good at imaginative conceptualisation. We have exceptional capacity for modelling and abstraction. Thus, when presented with the idea of a patriarchal creator figure with his majestic robes, long white hair and beard floating up among the clouds, our furtive imaginations find it so easy to model exactly that figure in our mind’s eye, because we have replicated ourselves as a supreme being. We have created a symbol for our psyche, a lifeless replica.

No Rhyme and no Reason

The symbol is an abstracted copy, but it represents exactly the opposite of the original. The menorah sacred tree symbol commemorates a god who hates trees. "Thou shalt not make unto thee any carved image" – abstract symbols no problem. As for those pesky Bards with their oral traditions and tales of morality and history, they are superseded by a switch from analogue to digital - history becomes the predefined drama of the Covenant, starring god as himself, written, directed and produced by god, featuring deception, utter confusion, lies, suffering, death and in a promised end of season special that never gets screened - apocalypse and alien intervention. It’s so good it will repeat and repeat ad infinitum. Then centuries later, a group of like-minded people will gather together in a forum to try and unravel all the mysteries and confusion of history only to find that the only mystery is that there is no rhyme nor reason to any of it – we were meant to be confused all along. (Source)




Just as the Demiurge is a counter-mimicry of Sophia’s passion and nurturing love, then it follows that the lesser Archons must have an original from which they replicated and distorted. Thanks to the intrusion of Judeo-Christianity and its co-opting of pagan gods and elemental nature spirits, we now have many fully-loaded labels for these beings; angels, fairies, gnomes, elves, sylphs cherubim, etc. The Indian Vedas make it much simpler with the general term Devas. Their vedic counterparts, who share the same characteristics as the Archons, are called Asuras.

Whereas the Archons encapsulate the potential for the very worst in the world, the devas are the exact opposite. Their ‘agenda’ is for all life to reach its highest potential. There are devas who concern themselves with life in all its forms, from the smallest microbe to the entire Earth. They can be found in trees, rocks (i.e. standing stones), lakes, wells, springs, mountains, hills etc. and even in the air. These natural sites will usually be connected by Ley Lines. The air elementals, or Sylphs, are kept very busy cleaning up the Chemtrails.‘Guardian Angels’ are also devas.



Co-dependant Relations

All sentient life has a co-dependant relationship with its deva – whether it realises it or not. Even organisations and groups have devas. Fairies manifest as little people with wings because we have projected that image onto them. Entire nations have their devas. They learn from us, but we aren’t even aware of their existence any more. Instead, we feed the Archons with all the fear and chaos we are constantly manipulated into. (Due to the nature of duality, it’s interesting to consider that we also have a co-dependant relationship the Archons.) Today the concept of the devas has been relegated to the level of childish fairy-tales and pagan superstition, because we are so much more civilised and scientifically sophisticated in our modern technological world. The only avenue left open to us is to believe in aliens from outer space and their nuts-and-bolts flying saucers, who have been secretly interfering with mankind for centuries – a typical Archon deception with the hallmark duplication and inverted purpose. The emperor in his new clothes.

The Old World Belief system knew how to work in harmony with the devas. Their festivals coincided with seasonal changes which was an advantage for agricultural purposes, although this is a rather simplistic observation as their awareness of the ‘devic essence’ went much deeper.

The Flyers

At least the Archons seem to be a more integrated proposition than the inorganic ‘flyers’ described by Carlos Castaneda in his book ‘The Active Side of Infinity’:

"...what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He's an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic."

The Archons prosper by the errors of human thought and behaviour whereas Castaneda’s flyers are presented as an indomitable force against which there is no hope.

Human Error – The Root of all Evil

In contrast to Don Juan’s hopelessness, the Gnostic seers insisted that we give the Archons the power to control or manipulate us if we fail to learn from our mistakes and continue down the same deluded path. This attracts the Archons who will then lead us into further and greater errors that will end badly. The root of evil is human error - the mind deluding itself. To defeat evil, we must unmask it by seeing its origin in the delusions of our own minds.



Spiritual Realms

Many years ago when I was a teenager, I became fascinated by Spiritualism. I joined a Spiritualist Church and practised healing for a while. I also dabbled with the Ouija Board and spirit drawing. Learning from my mistakes, I was taught that our physical bodies and our waking consciousness exist at a certain level of vibration. Without proper training (and even with it) it is very easy to be influenced by ‘trickster’ spirits as their levels of vibration are very close to our own. These may be spirits who have passed on from physical existence, but who are still very much tied to it and reluctant to give it up. There are also other beings who operate on these nearby levels of vibration that include what is known as the astral plane – the region of dreams. Just like the ETs coincidentally, these beings and trickster spirits somehow have access to all of our personal history and can make accurate predictions. This makes it very easy for them to pretend to be your late Auntie Mabel who knows exactly where your embarrassing birth mark is.

The Way In

If you lower your consciousness, such as by going into a trance or using drugs (even alcohol,) then you make it even easier for these trickster spirits and other beings to ‘walk-in’ and take over – hopefully temporarily. Alternatively, if one is accompanied by an experienced guide, such as a shaman, then this lower state of consciousness can provide a way in to the higher levels, but only under such guidance. This guidance can also come from the spirit realm itself, whereby a medium’s spirit guide will filter out any trickster or malevolent spirits. This situation requires a great deal of trust however, and some serious organisational skills on the ‘other side’. The ideal is to raise your consciousness in order to reach the higher vibrational levels as this is where the devas dwell.

My adventure into the world of Spiritualism didn’t last very long, but I learnt a lot. There is so much we don’t know about where we are. We are so arrogant with our illusions of technical mastery over the material world and yet we are blind to the wonder that exists all around us…

The following quotes come from forum members @dreamtime and Raven (SH1) in the There are No Space Aliens thread:

The idea brought forward by Vallée is that there's a single control structure, and that fairies and UFOs represent the same entities that control humanity. This is probably true, but I think these entities have mostly disappeared from the daily affairs.
"In his book, Vallée writes about historic accounts that the fairies were mostly gone already in around 1800-1850, when the last people lived to tell stories of first-hand accounts. The only place where you could still find them was in remote mountain places and forests, far away from modern civilization.
"People back then knew that the fairies lived below the ground, and there's an entirely different civilization below. With the disappearance of the knowledge about angels, demons, fairies, dwarfs, etc., that is, beings who live next to us but are partially invisible, and the subsequent appearance of the UFO phenomenon, the entities have convinced humanity of a couple new stories that contradict the old knowledge. The space aliens tell us they are from far away, they talk about endless space, about other planets, etc., and this is in contrast to the old knowledge where everything was just next to us.
"At the very least, the control structure has decided somewhere around 1850-1900 to convince humanity of our loneliness in the world, but of course Vallee says it's the other way round: The control system simply reflects our own ideas back to us, and with the rise of technology what once were fairies now became flying saucers.
"While Vallée sees the UFO phenomenon as a continuity of the fairy and elf myths, I think the presence of fairies was fare more widespread in the past than the modern UFO abduction phenomenon. One attribute of the fairies is their immortality.
"No matter what came first, the result is a quarantine of sorts, as humanity has lost the connection to the vast worlds that exist beyond what we can see with our eyes.
"The prison is our level of consciousness about the world we live in, and this has been reduced to almost nothing.
"There's a story told by Evan-Wentz that the world came into being when the angels were bored in heaven and wanted to experience some variety. Jesus wanted to keep everyone from leaving, but no one listened. The quarantine is probably a way to make sure that the souls do not remember, and this is based on the contract we all agreed to originally.
"The desire to remember the old world, and our origins, and break through the veil, is still alive. It is now encrypted in the stories that are based on our unconscious memories. Most notably in J. R. R. Tolkien's works about Middle Earth, but some variation of the past is contained in almost any science-fiction, fantasy or historic novel." (Source: dreamtime)



Raven: "I have first hand experience with these matters (as opposed to reading/research) and that experience confirms much of what you wrote, with a few exceptions, and some additional clarification, if I may. I should state that I prefer first hand experience to historical accounts for all the reasons we all know, and have just "gone out there" on my own to find it, in particular faeries and gnomes, although what I found would also apply to sasquatch as well as UFO's. The skill used for this work is shamanism, which allows one to venture into the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds and the astral realms with an animal guide, in my case, a raven. As you wrote, faeries are hard to come by these days, they are mostly gathered in mountains and wilderness areas, and I learned to recognize their habitats and how to approach them. I spent 15 years in Montana visiting their realms, getting to know them personally on their own turf. This took many years because they don't much like humans and it takes a long time to gain their trust. A particular faery appeared to me under the exact same way asatiger1966 described above, a shimmering in a tree, and we have maintained a mutual friendship for over ten years.
"The situation regarding the faery/UFO similarity is explained by parallel dimensions. Basically the things we cannot see are vibrating at a frequency outside our limited range of awareness, the old radio dial explanation we all know but seem to have difficulty applying to our direct experience. The reduction of such beings is partially due to encroachment of humans into their territories, one of the reasons they don't like us, but they do exist still and vibrate as fourth density beings. We are third density beings and cannot see them unless we have the ability to raise our vibration to meet theirs, which some people, including me, can do. They can come "down" to our level if they want to speak to us but they rarely do, partly because it's very uncomfortable in a lower density than one's physical form is designed for. Faeries are light beings thus appear as a "shimmer" instead of solid. Imagine trying to lower yourself into the density of a rock or a tree, you would not enjoy the limitation for long and really have no reason to do it. Part of the fourth density is also known as the astral realm, what we call and experience as dreamtime, so I'm guessing because of your name you already know this and thus your interest and knowledge of this topic. When we dream we literally leave our third density material body behind and travel in the astral realms, where we are limitless and able to see and engage with faeries, alien beings and all manner of benign and scary beings. We are taught that dreams are not real but they most certainly are, it's the only time we are liberated from this density and can fly and do and be wherever or whatever we want to experience, which is our natural state of being. We have to literally reduce our natural vibration to take a material form on earth and we do this intentionally.
"ET/UFO's are multidimensional and I know some of them as well, other than the two I mentioned previously who actually did take form to speak to me. ET's do not like dropping into third density for the same reasons faeries don't. Most humans do not realize how incredibly dense and difficult this planet is. It's a place to come to learn soul lessons and it's not a walk in the park, only the toughest souls come here to learn the hardest lessons... anyway, I'm digressing, sorry.



"So the bottom line is that faeries and gnomes and other earth elementals still exist, we've just been taught not to see to them. If you would like to see them, all you have to do is learn how to increase your vibration. There are more of them besides the Middle Earth wee folk, we have slyphs in the air, undines in the water, and fire elementals called salamanders. We see them often as young children but are told the same lie as with dreams, it's not "real." We lock ourselves into this scientism/materialism box and stay there because society demands it if we want to walk around free. Ditto UFO's, same box, same outcome.
"dreamtime wrote: "The control system simply reflects our own ideas back to us, and with the rise of technology what once were fairies now became flying saucers." This is partly true, the control system does reflect our ideas back to us, but it's more accurate to say we create our personal and collective reality either by letting the control system decide for us, or we decide as sovereign beings what we want to create. As stated so aptly by dreamtime "the prison is our level of consciousness." (Source: Raven)

Unfortunately Raven didn't last long in SH1. He was given quite a hard time.

Concluded in Part 6...
The Nature of the Beast(Part 1) Religion: Old World vs New World
The Nature of the Beast(Part 2) Denizens of the Invisible Realm
The Nature of the Beast (Part 3) Miracles and Apparitions
The Nature of the Beast (Part 4) Rituals, Thought-Forms & The Cult of Zaddik
The Nature of the Beast (Part 5) The Gnostics, Archons & Devas
The Nature of the Beast (Part 6) The Holiness of Sin, Consent Extraction

(Responses to the original thread are preserved here.)

It would be my pleasure to reciprocate the respect shown by members who make comments based upon having actually read the OP and preferably also the previous parts. Thanking you in anticipation.
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I am using machine translation.

This is a very convincing post for me. I appreciate it.
Can I ask you a few questions about Archons?

I think this is the site that was introduced in one of the posts on SH1.

I like Archon's explanation on this page and have read it many times, though through machine translation. Your post has brilliantly cleared up a lot of my ambiguities.

I was convinced that Archon was what Jung called the shadow and Steiner called Asura, which messes with our unconscious.

I thought Sofia's clumsy girl story was very nice. If the opportunity to talk with her comes, I would like to tell her that no one can resist the urge to create. And I want to thank her for creating this world.

This is a long preamble. Let's get to the point.
If you know how to look at the following statue, please let me know.

It is on display at the Cappelle medicee and I am sure you know it. It is a monument to the victory of the war, but well, I am ignoring this.
The worm with its head sticking out of its neck? Is that really Archon?

If you make his hair rich, you will be amazed.

This is a quote from the above site. Jung wrote the following about this insect.
"He emphasized the importance of developing a "container" (a word which, revealingly, has multiple meanings: to include, He emphasized the importance of developing a "container" (a word which, revealingly, has multiple meanings: to include, hold together, have capacity for, control, restrain and limit) in which to catch such troublesome and malevolent spirits..."
" Develop a "container". " That being said, I have a hunch that it is impossible to completely detach these worms in the first place.

Is an Archon a pet that must be kept, one per human? I've decided that if I'm going to have a pet, it's going to be a dog, but if that's the human requirement, then so be it.
A lion's head on a worm's body. It's not very cute, but sometimes I'll watch a drama movie with it that has ruthless villains and feed it to worm. If Archon wants it, he has no choice but to watch porn videos once in a while....Archon wants it.

As I stare at the illustrations of Archon that you have listed, I begin to wonder if humans are this Archon in the first place.
It doesn't look like a very abominable object to be removed. The maned face of the animal looks divine.
Evolve from a worm to a lion! That's how I feel.

I'm sorry for asking all those questions that make me treat you like a therapist. I would like to add that I consider commercial spirituality to be snotty. I did not read your post from that perspective.

Is it any coincidence that I'm asking this question during a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction?

I've been wondering where these worms are.


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Wash. DC.
Today is the winter solstice. Happy holidays everyone!
In the spirit of Christmas and other traditional winter celebrations of the spirit and spirit world, I give you the humble Tomten from Scandinavia. As a counterbalance to the alcohol-swilling and negative spirit Archons (what a hangover), they are most likely kin to Fairies and Sprites and the like, and always have an aura of good cheer.

My wife and I collect the physical world stuffed variety, and they have a penchant for stealing our car!
Many folks in Scandinavia believe they are true beings that show themselves to those with a higher vibration. I believe this, since it makes perfect sense given the 12 dimensions of our universe. Most everyone has felt at one time they were being watched by someone who wasn't there, so maybe the little spirit folks are real.

The famous book The Tomten and the Fox is a worldwide child favorite for generations. Was the author trying to tell children the truth? I say yes. Children can perceive things adults cannot, hence many an "imaginary friend."
My own spirit guide was a frog.

woody.jpg wheel.jpg fox.jpeg

Here is the official history:

"The tomtes (in Germany, kobolds) are a pre-Christian race of spirit beings well-known to the north Europeans. Generally, they are considered to be spirits of place who become familiars of a household. The tomte is a short (three feet or so) elderly man of unpredictable disposition, attired in grey woolen clothes and wearing a red cap.

Unlike their English cousins, the gnomes, who most frequently dwell in the countryside, tomtes reside in towns, houses, barns or cellars. They live only where there is cleanliness, order and discipline. Among the earliest pictures of a tomte is in Carta Marina et Descriptio Septentrioalium (1539) a map drawn by Olaus Magnus, the last Roman Catholic Bishop of Sweden. The tomte is shown cleaning out a stable (he wears the same hat as the Russian knights).

The church never succeeded in eliminating these familiars in the popular mind. Busying themselves with work, it is the tomtes who, at harvest time, awaken the sleeping farmer early in the morning with the sound of their threshing. If there is building going on in town, the tomtes can be heard chopping and pounding while the workmen break for lunch and rest."


Felix Noille

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Sep 3, 2020
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@JWW427 Woah, mate! What's that magnificent woody?

Great comment btw, but you've just aroused my greatest passion - automobiles. If only there was a stolenhistory aspect to them, that would be a post I would love to write...


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Sep 21, 2020
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Wash. DC.
1949 Buick Roadmaster.
Fireball straight 8.
Theres no hidden history, but manufacturers used wood for bigger cars to save weight and the cost of steel.
Today its the other way around.
See: Wood spirits. "Knock on wood."
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F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 7): Conclusion & Modus Operandi General 0
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 6): The Glorious Revolution General 2
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 5): The Dutch Puppetmasters General 0
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 4): The Great Fire of London General 2
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 3): The English Revolution General 0
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 2): 1066 and all that General 3
F The Betrayal of Albion (Part 1): The City of London General 2
dreamtime The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 2) General 54
dreamtime The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 1) General 36
Archive SH Archive High Strangeness of Fossil Fuel Formation & Consumption: Part One: Does history even exist??? General 3
Archive SH Archive Riddles in the buildings of St. Petersburg. Part 4 (sibved) Buildings and Structures 0
Archive SH Archive Is the American Civil War part of the War of 1812? Wars and Conflicts 0
Archive SH Archive Is it American continent? Second part of 18 century. Unmatched 1
Plissken SH Archive Library of Congress Part II Buildings and Structures 0
Plissken SH Archive Library of Congress: Part I Buildings and Structures 0
Archive SH Archive What caused the global cataclysm? Part two. Mud Flood and Dust Storm Theory 0
Archive SH Archive What caused the global cataclysm? Part one. Mud Flood and Dust Storm Theory 0
Archive SH Archive Is the Sahara part of the land that the Israelites attacked? General 0
KD Archive SH Archive Continent of North America does not exist... or could it be a part of Asia? General 5

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