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I want to show a few images that really make one question the validity of German national socialism. What was it and what on earth was their true goal? After reading David Irving, Evola and a whole bunch of other people, I still have no solid idea of what they were trying to invoke. Whether they were christian or atheist or satanic etc, this stuff is so time consuming to look into.

What i'm about to show you is purely speculative and might be true or false. Do not take my word for everything you read here.
What purpose does this giant golden bust have to do with the Reich?


A Father Time looking figure stepping forth into this reality, almost transcendental in nature, looks like the Vatican's Moses as well. The serpent peering into this world, birthing from the woman a starchild (Antichrist) to rule the world. Of course world domination wasn't the goal of national socialism, or was that goal more spiritual than physical?

the-day-of-german-art-in-munich19.jpgdownload (4).jpgdownload (3).jpgdownload (5).jpg

Golden eagle representing Babylon. Remember that Babylon was represented as gold in Daniels vision. Why do the men have caps around their heads? Obvious sun disc imagery is obvious.

the-day-of-german-art-in-munich16.jpgdownload (6).jpgUnnamedqqqqq7.jpg
Why do they still have a sun disc? The Swastika is another interesting symbol, I personally believe it was a mapping tool used to traverse geography. In fact I think most "satanic" imagery is simply people adopting ancient mathematic symbols, and using it for their evil purposes.

Art Festivals in Munich-06.jpgart-festivals-in-munich-03 copy.jpg

Die Okkulten Hakenkreuz - The Occult Swastika

Chaos symbol: Aliester Crowley
download (1).pngUnna1212med9.jpgThe Occult Conspiracy CD22.jpgdownload (2).jpg
Order out of chaos, producing an eternal reign of Saturn (Satan) The aura around the swastika, at least on the 3rd image, looks like a descending dove. Also notice the pyramid dragon eye symbolism on the catholic inscription.

Heinrich Himmler was into the occult quite a bit. The Upside down Ravens Foot represents church infiltration and falsehood by the occult. Ravens foot, placed upwards, shows the as-above so-below of Hermes Trismegistus.


The Roman catholic church is interesting, they had connections to Hitler.

download.gifdownload (5).jpg (5) (6).jpg

These people seem to always choose catholicism/orthodoxy instead of any other sect of Christianity, i'm sure these people have read the bible right?
I cannot stress enough that when most political/historical figure heads say "return to Christianity" or "fight for Christianity" that they are using this as a front for the new world order, these people masquerade as beings of light but inwardly they a ravening wolves.
download (7).jpgdownload (6) (1).jpg (3).jpg

Whats up with the satanic hand signs? Yet again false enlightenment, false god, the black "sun" not "son", the inverse of Christ, Satan. (9).jpg

The three finger salute was used commonly by the Totenkopf SS. Its supposedly a "Romanian christian symbol" if you Wikipedia it, but I believe it really represents 555, the height of death. The star of Rempham (666 height of man) has a pentagon (555 height of death) inside of it which you will see as you scroll down. Skull and Bones seems to take inspiration from this, 322 = 3+2 = 5 repeated twice (2) = 555 deathshead.

download (10).jpgdownload (11).jpg

The Pentagon represents an aspiring soldier (facing forward) Notice the 5 sides, each separated but all comprised equally. You can see the "aspiring soldier" from any angle, the eternal spread of death and power. Reminds me a bit of star forts.

download (12)
Notice how the pentagram faces towards the phallus on the second image. This represents the obelisk, the phallus of man or power. The Vatican obelisk is a glorified black sun, a sun dial for arrival of the black (dead) sheep. (7).jpga368940c7948.jpg
download (17).jpg
Sun God is an inversion of the true God. The sun is represented as Christ so of course Satan would like to steal it and use it for his own glory. Black sun (darkened false sun) is the Antichrist.

I went off on a bit of a tangent, but going back to Saturn, I would like to theorise that maybe these ceremonial paraders are honouring ancient religions where Saturn (Satan) was the centre of worship. I will say that I am beginning to see ancient religions being more about a return of Saturn then it just being simple "animal and planet worship" that most contemporary historians like to say. The idea that Saturn was aligned with the earth, moon and sun doesn't seem so wacky when the symbolism of ancient civilisations match perfectly. Satan (Saturn) being the most powerful angel, rejecting God and being ultimately thrown out of heaven, could also be represented as Saturn being moved from the earth and sun, making these ancient star symbols disappear. The star of Ishtar is just a commemoration of a pre-fallen Lucifer. The rise of occultism and the new world order is just a return to Satan worship, to invoke his return. Gotthard's tunnel ceremony comes to mind.

I'm not saying that Saturn is literally Satan, i'm implying that Saturn could represent Satan in certain ways. (1) (7).jpgdownload.jpgdownload (1).jpg

Since Saturn has been moved, no longer can we visibly see this imagery. But don't worry, Satan has you covered! the hexagram is his new symbol!

download (8).jpgdownload (9).jpg
download (10).jpgSeal of the Theosophical Society - Occult History Third Reich - Peter Crawford.pngStar of David and Swastika 3 - Occult History Third Reich - Peter Crawford.png
The Hexagram (Star of Rempham) represents the 'as above so below' just as productively as the swastika.

I Would also like to point out the design of the never completed Volkshalle Hall, and how it resembles Aleister Crowley's Lam entity. The placement of the eagle, from a distance, gives a faint image of the demon.

The Black sun (sun wheel) represents the star child, the black sheep, the false enlightenment. Darkness masquerading as light. The wings are an interesting touch, representing a fallen Satan.

a42d9189d6a2be7611b7ee0580b79b78.jpgsolniger.gifdownload.png (1) (2).jpgSplenSolBlackSun.jpg
Sun disc is interchangeable with Star Child. The star (Satan) child (Antichrist) is an inversion of the man-child (Christ) from Revelation. Essentially this is a fancy version of the black sun (false son) (3) (8).jpg
People have been awaiting the return of Saturn's sun disc for along time.
As I said earlier with the sun-god obelisk, Satan (Saturn) really wants you to think that he is the most high. No wonder star symbolism is used widely in satanism.

10th Avatar of Vishnu is another representation of the Antichrist. Some Hindus even worshipped Hitler as a precursor "9th avatar" to the coming false king. (16).jpg

Odin/Wotan is yet another inversion of God.

>Ancient star symbolism representing Lucifer
>Sun disc symbolism representing Antichrist
>Ancient star symbolism is an attempt at contacting and commemorating Satan.
>Modern ceremonies featuring the sun disc is an invoking of Antichrist arrival. The return of Saturn, but not as most think.
>Star of Rempham (currently) replaces Saturn imagery. Pentagon inside Rempham star, 555 deathshead.
>False son (Antichrist) Black (dead) sheep/black sun imagery.
>Vatican ties to the Nazi occult, masquerading as christian.
>Ancient satanism masquerading as christian.
>Occult external influence (Pentagon, 322 etc)
>Satan pretending to be the most high God.

A lot of people will say that Christianity is an inversion or copy of other earlier religions (Egyptian etc) However it is the opposite. Satan knew before-hand that Christ was going to be sacrificed (lamb slain from the foundation of the world) so he simply just took that and implemented it into his own creations of false religion, confusing people when the time was right. People need to understand that Satan does not own any symbolism, he simply steals and inverts it from God (as you've seen above) We are living in the end times so I don't doubt Satan has a few "discoveries" in his hands to throw people off the truth. (5) (1).jpg (3).jpg (4).jpg (2).jpg

False god(s) want you to work sadistically for their gain, for you to get a false redemption. Christ offers you redemption free of charge, no work needed because he did it all himself.


You cannot be redeemed by false light (false sun) only the true son can save you. God doesn't need you to work your way towards heaven, true power doesn't need to gloat.
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