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Maybe to some, but the existence and exploitation of the wooded wonderland was almost certainly known to the ancients. I've been holding on to my thoughts on this for some time but I figure I'm just going to fire it off and see what you all think. I feel like there are still connections being missed but I also feel like I've dug deep enough to compose a possible timeline. I'm going to try to stick to traditional chronology, even though I admit that chronology as we know it is likely quite distorted in some regions. My view is that the traditional chronology makes the case and if its compressed it actually becomes even stronger.

I'm not going to go into theories of civilizations before the ice age. I think there is a lot of interesting things there, but I also don't need to go that far back.

I'm going to write this in a declarative tone, but please feel free to challenge any assertion. I will declare them as it they're 100% factual, but in reality we really don't know. For the sake of intellectual integrity, I will defend this approach as similar to the way we know exoplanets exist. Not because of direct photography, but because we can measure their effect on their parent sun.

Sorry for the long preamble, but Im a little nervous because I feel my hypothesis is still a bit half baked so I really want to qualify it. With that said, let's go...

Ready to go for a ride?

The Minoans


Minoans discover the new world and mine their tin in Michigan! They export their resources to the legendary port at Tartesso on southwest Iberia beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

How do I know? Call it coincidence, but Graham Hancock asserts that the tin mine in Michigan had been active for these years and abruptly stopped in 1200BCE.

Wikepedia will show you that this period exactly corresponds to the years the minoan culture flourished. Brought to a sudden end during the mysterious Bronze Age Collapse that happened around that time.

Note that even contemporary scholars have no conclusive idea how the Bronze Age supplied its tin. While copper is very common, tin is not (nevermind the amazing revolution we had in discovering that mixing the two would make the Bronze alloy).

The tin connection is super important. Here you have a mysterious mine in Michigan that seems to have ancient work done within, a mysterious culture called Tartesso that seemed to be rich in such resources (also silver, think Argentina), which had its port FACING the new world and not in a practical Mediterranean location. Cool eh?

I can't help but notice the TART in Tartesso... TARTAR?!

No mainstream scientist will dispute that the Haplogroup of the natives in America almost certainly came from Russia. Feel free to add to this more as I'm not personally very well versed in the very interesting Tartaria theory.

The Phoenicians


Somehow the Canaanites get wind of the minoan trade routes and take up the flame. At first I don't think they know what they really stumbled into. They raise the greatest Mediterranean trading empire in ancient history and the Macedonians are nothing but envious. The cedars of Lebanon allowed them to build the best ships in the world.

There's a fascinating account of the Phoenicians meeting the Tartessians. The gist of it is that they were able to obtain so much resources such as wine that they had no room for all the silver so they actually had to smelt and melt it into usable objects such as anchors so that they could bring it home! Oh my! What else did they learn from them?!

At this point the Phoenicians go to the new world and start their own exploits. They don't achieve the same level of success but they do get enough to ensure advantage in the seas.

They don't think about full on colonization because in that world nothing mattered beyond the Mediterranean. Besides, the Phoenicians don't care much about that as they're only out for worldly wealth and not much for empire in the traditional sense.

I have a lot to say about the Phoenicians and have a big post about them called The Phoenicians Ruled the World.

I won't go too deep there as I'd like to move ahead. Still some juicy bits to outline.

Phoenicia falls to the Persians and that's that for them (or so we think!!)

600-200 BCE


The Carthaginians started as a Phoenician colony. Some would say they eventually became their own culture. But they misinterpret what Phoenicia really is, it's the Phoenix that dies and rises again and again and is tied to no race or geography.

Keep in mind that at this point Carthage almost completely annexes Iberia for themselves. Is this why Rome had to confront them? What was really in ancient Spain?!

When Phoenicia falls Carthage continues the sea empire. After the third Punic War (super interesting topic) Carthage finally falls and Rome destroys them (note: they're not completely destroyed until the Islamic wars in 600ce). Where did they go?

Where would you go? (HIGHLY SPECULATIVE NO EVIDENCE ZONE) How about the new world? Could they be the origin of the Aztecs and Mayans? Interbred with the Tartarian natives and builders of the amazing temples found there. This is why they resemble the pyramids and temples of the old world.

Fall of Rome, Rise of Christ


I want to expand this part more so expect an edit later. But what's important is that Rome wasn't able to capitalize on any obtained knowledge from Carthage. Or maybe they did if you believe in Roman coin narratives. Regardless, the most important thing that happens is that the Catholic Church is born in 325ce with the council of Nicaea. At this early stage, I think the church knows what's going on but isn't in a position to act on it. How can you claim a new world when you can barely claim the old world? The faith must grow first before its authority would be recognized.



All the sudden this desert guy had some visions and raises a ridiculously powerful army and sweeps across the lower Mediterranean, and even conquers most of Iberia. Wow. It's not all bad, at least they preserved ancient texts of the Greeks (probably?).

Anyway, I'm going to fast forward but if I'm missing an interesting step here please chime in.

Columb- nope, not yet!


I encourage you to look up the history of Muslim Spain. It was known as Al-Andalus. Probably a Arabic version of Vandals but some have even made some Atlantis connections. Whatever, we already know that the real prize is southern Spain, ancient Tartesso. Well, the Christian resistance was in place from the start (in the north) and was finally effective starting in the 1200s and ultimately successful in finally conquering the south in....... 1492! Boom!

Note that around 1200 is when a Spanish monk translates the Greek text about the circumference of the earth (which would lead reasonable men to wonder if it's all oceans until India)

So here we go. At this point they learn the full truth about Tartesso and officially "discover" the new world when Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

Venice and England


Except Columbus only discovered the Carribean. The Catholic Spanish worked damn hard to establish their empire and the New World was going to be their biggest piggy bank.

The rule is that if you place a flag, you claim the entire contingent land mass. Cabot placed a British AND Venician flag in North America! I skipped over Venice, but say it Venetian and then say Phoenician, and also remember that Venice was a naval empire that hated Rome just like the Carthaginians/Phoenicians.

What's Rome going to do now that their ancient rival has a legit claim over their New World?

Historians like to wax poetic about how Henry the VIII wanted a divorce and that's the only reason the Church of England broke from the Pope. Partially true. But also keep in mind that his father Henry VII tried to stop the marriage to the Spanish Catherine and Spain was adamant ever since her dethroning to set England straight. Her daughter Mary tried to restore Catholicism to England. When she died and Elizabeth ascended, and even before, many plots were taken on her "protestant" life.

Meanwhile what is Spain doing with their CONQUISTADORS? Literally destroying any evidence of ancient land claims by the Phoenicians and Russian/Tartarians. The Pope divides up the entire new world between Spain and Portugal. England doesn't matter, the Pope expects England to come back into the fold soon enough.

Except that fails MISERABLY! The last mahor attempt was the Spanish Armada which was embarrassing obliterated in a surprising victory by Elizabeth. This is probably the most important event in modern history.

Look it up yourself. England had virtually no exploration of the new world until this time. Spain had a 100 year head start.



The Freemasons come out of obscurity and go public. They apparently are an ancient order that built Solomon's Temple and even the Pyramids, and HATE the Vatican. It's not on topic, but the French Revolution was a statewide overthrow of the Vaticans power. The Bible also says that thr Phoenicians build Solomon's Temple. So here we are, the secret mystery religion of Phoenicia goes public.

Why is this important? (EVIDENCE FREE ZONE, HELP ME OUT) Because the Phoenicians hid underground as the mason guilds, especially in Venice, and go public in 1717 and not too much long after the battle of Independence occurs.

Why is there so much Freemasonry symbolism in early America and even to this day? Because the Venicians/Phoenicians have a LEGIT claim to all of the new world.

I skipped over many interesting side details but feel free to add your own thoughts on this matter.

Note that I'm writing this on mobile. I plan to edit in the near future and include links to sources and images. But I want to get this out. Consider this version 1.0, it will likely have some revisions based on what we, together, can learn here.

One last thing, I should mention an interesting tidbit from the Phoenician thread. That apparently they followed a star called Merika (Venus). Hmm!
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