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I was thinking about the murals at the Denver Airport and the reset/catastrophe/mudflood this summer. I went to the Denver Airport website to see if I could get some good images of the murals to look over and I found some other things that are more startling to me than the murals.

David-Griggs-Dual-Meridian-Denver-Airport 1.jpg


This is just half of the art installation by artist David Griggs. We have sand, we have huge wave structures getting ready to crash to the earth. The shading of the continents is interesting as well. Here is the whole installation:


Obviously an important piece as they located it in the central core of the Airport concourse.

Official artistic explanation:
  • “Dual Meridian” reaches up into the volume of the space with a 66’ titanium arch. The arch connects the two sides of the concourse, describing a line drawn in space and suggesting an orbit over evolving modes of transportation. The installation celebrates travel and embraces transportation technology. It expresses the multiple dimensions of travel by embodying the evolution of transportation.
  • While one side of the artwork uses recycled rail and indigenous Colorado stone to reflect an iron-age sensibility about travel, the other side presents a tiled world mosaic and futuristic fiberglass forms to reveal the space-age spectacle of flight. Bridging these sensibilities is the titanium arch; a distant orbit from some future mode of transportation. Upon this arch is attached a brilliant red “kite”, a vehicle from the future; an artful signifier for the romance of travel and the dream of flight.

Here is the "kite":
David-Griggs 3.jpg

So a kite is a vehicle for the future? When I first saw this part of the installation I thought rocket, meteor, the sun doing crazy things, but a kite? The kite is obviously headed somewhere on that 66 foot arch (33 feet on each side of it is a coincidence too!) It's destination:


More sand, and those pipes sticking up remind me of impact debris shooting up and the lines radiating from that spot re-enforce that visual. The twisted tracks remind me of all those civil war photos with messed up ties.

? Did you guys catch why they named it "Dual Meridian" of all things? If you can figure it out, let me know.

Coming back after summer break with a full-on tinfoil hat wearing look at some art. Wait! There is more.


Colorado River
? This piece by artist Wopo Holup is an aerial map of the Colorado River. Gold Lichtenberg figures!! Were these formed in whatever catastrophe befell Western North America, made the Grand Canyon, and changed all of the maps?


More pics + info



beacon nova.jpg

Created by artist Steve Gardner located on the west side of the fire station that services the airport. According to the artist, a symbolic beam of light and energy is projected outward and over neighborhood and airport streets, symbolizing the firefighters’ vigilance and protection of the communities they serve. The piece also includes glass cast reliefs of the equipment and tools that the firefighters use.

?? Maltese cross and what looks like the sun flaring or producing a micro nova? At the fire station? Check out the equipment around the center disc some of the equipment is recognizable some of it is not. Again with the name. Beacon for what?

These next few just reinforce the themes.

"Water in all of its states"

Water info

Kersale_1.jpgWATER 3.jpg


"Strange Continents"


?Yep. Pretty strange... continents.


"Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey"


"Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey" is a mile-long light and sculpture installation sited in the inbound train tunnel. The work is inspired by Colorado's industrial and social history and transforms the tunnel with images drawn from related environments including a mineshaft, a cave and deep space. Train riders experience animated sculptural forms from miners' pickaxes to hovering satellites. Made of more than 5,000 feet of conduit, strips of reflective sheeting, construction materials, steel shapes and light, the highly sophisticated sequence of lighting effects is controlled by an industrial computer and sensor system traditionally used to automate factory assembly lines.

?Is anyone else imagining Willie Wonka in the boat tunnel? Gene Wilder should be the voice on these trains.




More pics

What do you suppose this is really about? Lots of these images fit some of our themes, war of the gods, patterns all over the place that make no sense.


The Murals

"Children of the World Dream of Peace"


?I always thought these were what TPTB had in store for us but maybe it's what has already happened. Notice the buildings look like the damage in the burned American Cities like Chicago and San Francisco. The refugees are mostly children like on the Orphan Train videos. Notice the children given to the soldier are sleeping and healthy.


On this one, I see the new world order push. Or maybe these are the rivalries they set up during the last reset to keep us busy. The broken statue of the soldier reminds me of the Civil War statues coming down a few years ago in a Political Correct push to erase history. Lots of kids and no adults again.

More pics + Children mural info


"In Peace and Harmony with Nature"

Lots of kids again. Were these races created in an Ancient Genetics factory from the three empires that were destroyed and represented in the coffins below. What seed are they planting?


Here we have more orphans, fires, something crazy happening to the city in the distance. We finally see a couple of adults in coffins. I believe they represent the cultures that were destroyed and possibly used to create more races. We see a representative from the high African Culture and a Native American. The third coffin holds a Germanic/Slavic looking child, representing ???. Is she younger because they are a younger civilization. I don't think it is a coincidence they are on the same painting with endangered species.
Anyway. Lots of my own opinions and crazy thoughts. Add your own tinfoil below.

? Plissken
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