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This topic has been intriguing to me but also dreadful as I continue to get an overwhelming feeling of the dark truth. My theory is this...We are aware that prior to the invasion of the British, the majority of America was split between indigenous people, Spanish, and French (primarily). They claim NAPOLEON "sold" Louisiana which led to the Victory of America etc. For some reason I just can't shake the feeling that this isn't true. That some huge deceptive act occurred and led to our downfall, DESTRUCTION and enslavement. Could the area once known as LOUISIANE had been the "final frontier" or "Armageddon"? We always get these "two sided major wars and events" like EAST AND WEST ROME, NORTH AND SOUTH, REPUBLIC VS DEMOCRACY, REVOLUTIONS AND CIVIL WARS.. well with this in mind I look at the world during the time between the French Revolution and WW1 and how drastic of a change we underwent. Now think about the "fall of Rome" followed by "dark ages". The original LONDON BRIDGE was said to had been built by Romans. Could this bridge had connected London and New York? LONDON BRIDGES FALLING DOWN. This "fall" put "west rome" aka Europe into a DARK AGE. No power, no communication, etc. Now they say the Renaissance was because Europe finally regained some of the knowledge of the Greeks/Romans...could this had been the knowledge of the route to the West or how to turn the "lights" back on? Could these Expositions (sounds a lot like EXPOSE) be the re lighting of the cities and/or the conquering of them and the plundering of their spoils?! Like huge liquidation sales? Or it could be looked at as how they say in ancient times when the treasury got low or in times of war, the Emperor or King would take the art like Gold and Jewels etc to be melted down for money or trade and for weapons. Could we all be prisoners of war? They also mention that AMERICA was prior to the purchase ONLY THE 13 COLONY STATES and the rest was FRENCH pretty much and that when the surveyors were going around and checking out their new land buy they were HORRIFIED by what they saw... WHITES, COLORED, AND INDIANS all DRUNK IN THE STREETS TOGETHER AND LIVING EXTRAVAGANT LIKE KINGS AND HAVING BALLS EVERY NIGHT. THEY HAD WEALTH AND GRAND HOUSES AND THE SLAVES WERENT REALLY MUCH SLAVES AT ALL!! This they ran and reported back to the KING IN EUROPE and the demolition and suppression began..sorry if this is all over the place I'm just trying to throw the idea out there and hopefully some of you can help me build on it or connect some seemingly unconnected dots!


*SideNote the "London Bridge" could've been some land mass that was between America and Europe in the Atlantic. I think about that strange "Transatlantic" accent they used in early Tv/media that they say was something made-up for the sake of TV and it wasnt real. It was a combination of AMERICAN AND BRITISH English. Maybe this strange accent/culture came from the missing center of their triangle Empire A Transatlantic place (like the Capital in Hunger Games) that was purposefully destroyed or victim of cataclysm?

Old New Orleans...looks like a Palace

Allegedly just "Costumes"

The people from those eras looked so different...
almost "otherworldly"

Supposedly just a "movie set"

Another alleged costume

Old post office in St Louis...who built this??

Supposedly just a movie set that was destroyed
and buried in California after filming

More "costumes"

Yep... "costume"

Another building supposedly made
temporarily for the worlds fair

Colossal statue made for the "fair" it was torn down by the US NAVY.
Her name was "Pacifica" an American Icon I've oddly

NEVER heard of

Strange how they were OBSESSED with old religions...
strange way to represent "America"..

Where did America go??

Hmm Greco-Roman float to represent America..?

A close up view of some of the float... gladiators and such....
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