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I visited the memorial at Verdun, France, when I was in college. It stuck me hard since the mausoleum is full of remains. The whole place is haunting and beautiful and sad.
The memorial building is in an interesting style. Funky.
But there's two star forts that saw serious action in WW1. Douamont and Vaux. Craters from artillery are everywhere.
The stone buildings look as if they dug out ancient structures and used them as gun emplacements. Lots of cement was used, but the rest is stone. It reminds me of the star forts in Malta, and the caves of Petra. Hmm...
Verdun was a star city back in the day.
They're hiding something!

Fort Vaux:

fort vaux.jpeg fort vaux 2.jpeg fort vaux aerial.jpeg

Fort Douamont:

fort D plan.jpeg fort D walls.jpeg fort douamont.jpeg fort douamont facade.jpeg verdun stars.jpeg verdun star fort wow.jpeg


verdun mausoleum.jpeg verdun mausoleum 2.jpeg

Verdun city fort:

verdun city star fort.jpeg
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