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We know there was some type of cataclysm in the past but what was it, what did it look like and how did it happen?

We have hundreds of examples of sunken cities so this cataclysm involved a whole lot of water. We can also deduce from the restoration of ancient sites by the "before people" that there was an initial major cataclysm. Melted fortresses and scorched temples are an obvious indicator of earth wide decimation.

Some time after this first cataclysm there was a second "mud-flood" which has been more subtle to detect, only recently recognized. We are now beginning to better understand this second cataclysm in its entirety.

The Timeline as I see it.

Loosely speaking the timeline looks something like this I would imagine:

The before time
Megalithic structures
Age of Giants, purest form of human culture
Inexplicable building techniques

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

1st major cataclysm
Megalithic culture wrecked
Peoples of the world sent into disarray

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Age of recovery
Scattered survivors begin re-establish themselves
Probably some giants still alive but no longer the dominant culture
Re-birth of architecture and technology ie. World wide neo-classical buildings etc.

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

2nd minor cataclysm
Mud flood
Pagan culture wrecked.
Peoples of the world, again sent into disarray. International communication lost.

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Current age (Age of suppression)
An intentional obscurification of history
Introduction of new religions.
Removal of remaining technology from Age of recovery
Mechanisms of control put in place
Dedicated genocide of the population and demolition of historical artifacts (Buildings, documents, family histories.)

* * * * *

Cause of the cataclysm
What exactly were these cataclysms?
What we know:

It was big. (world ending scale.)
It was wet. (mud flood)
It was explosive. (Destroyed cities and ancient sites.)
It was prolonged. (Evidence of underground cities and shelters.)

Many people throw different theories around. Some think it was an ancient nuclear world war. Perhaps it was an attack by space aliens? Maybe an asteroid shot from the deep recesses of our galaxy colliding with the earth.

I don't necessarily disagree with assumptions like these. There is certainly evidence to support them, however the simplest answer is usually the more likely one. I like the idea of space aliens but I'd be intellectually dishonest if I said this was in fact what did happen.

its was aliens.JPG

Me right now...
To be honest, me all of the time.

What do the ancients themselves have to say about the cause of the cataclysm?

The 1950's book Worlds in Collision is a book written by Immanuel Velikovsky where by he attempts to answer that question with the use of ancient source materials. Myths and legends from the people who witnessed it. Straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

His great line was "We are a species with amnesia." A quote he stole from an earlier author whose name escapes me and most recently used by everyone's favorite cannabis fueled mysteries author, Graham "An author with amnesia" Hancock. Seriously he says he wrote all his best stuff while smoking a pound of weed a week for 15 years. Nice guy.

Worlds in Collision is a synthesis of ideas shared by many academics that had been skirting around the edges of the acceptable mainstream for a while. Despite the vice like death grip Egyptology has on these things, many scholars doubted these nonsense stories and suggested a more dramatic scenario.

* * * * *

The birth of Venus
Okay, now for the sake of brevity I'll be giving you only the cliff notes. If you like what you read here then you can download a PDF of Worlds in collision here. Honestly I never recommend books to people, everyone's busy I get it. BUT. If there is one book you should read to better fill-out your ancient mysteries know how, then its this book. Graham "six bongs a day" Hancock has read it. The fellas over at Electric Universe have based their entire careers on it, and me, the not especially special but sincere contributor to this site swears by it. Read it. Take what you need and leave the rest. Its not perfect but it hits on some really solid ideas.

And I do apologize to all the Flat earthers reading this, it is a globe-head theory. Please note that I personally have refrained from using the term globe at any point up until now as I prefer 'World wide'. As well as to the flat-heads I apologize to all the hex-heads, multi-verse plain-heads, digital computer simulation-heads and any other '-heads' I failed to mention. If I had to choose a side however I would go with planets are real (whatever they are) and that they interact with us who exist on some kind of flat plain (whatever that is.)

Alright. Are we good? I don't want anyone flipping their lids in the comments complaining about planets being fake. I GET IT. Believe me I get it. Don't worry. I've got pictures, its gonna be painless, I promise. All the quotes provided are from the book. Okay lets dive right in...

Venus is "born" out of Jupiter at some vague time in the past.

Jupiter births venus.jpg

In this version of reality planets are real. But some of the planets can make baby planets its still weird enough to get behind.

Venus is initially an incandescent orb travelling violently toward the other planets.

venus strikes mars.jpg

Coming into contact with Venus, Mars is flayed stem to stern by violent electrical discharges.
If there were ever a Mars colony in ancient times, this is when it is was obliterated.

Venus is born into the solar system and "battles" with the other planets, Mars god of war in particular.

Venus passes by the earth, not once but twice before settling into a stable orbit.

Venus passes earth.jpg

Two flybys of Venus were recorded by the ancients. 500 earth years apart. That's two cataclysms, count em.
Just to make a point about Venus's origins. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. Indicating it may be the newest.


Venus spins in retro-grade to the other planets, meaning it spins in the opposite direction.

...Concluded in Part two.

CN Summary:
Like most of the subjects we cover here, worlds in collision is quite dense. This is not meant to be an exhaustive article but rather an introduction to these concepts. In part two we will look at more at the interaction between Venus and the earth.

Continuation: What caused the global cataclysm? Part two.
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