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Myths of Ages
Part one if you missed it.
-Worlds in Collision.

What happens when a super heated plasma sphere goes walk-about through the solar system? Things don't go so well for the people living there, that's what. When bad things happen, people have a habit of remembering those bad things. This is called trauma.

People from all cultures on earth have recorded just such traumatic events. Happening not just once, but several time. These reoccurring cataclysms were commonly known as Ages or Suns by these people. The term Sun being commonly used as, once the earth reestablished some consistent rhythm, the sun would have a new daily course across the sky. New Sun, new landscape. Effectively a world wide reset.

-Worlds in Collision.

* * * * *

Bad memories; A world tour.

ancient culture and Venus.jpg

The Americas:


Tibet/ India


The reoccurring theme presents itself. Multiple ages interrupted by devastation. Some claim 4 ages. 5 ages is a common theme. Sometimes this number is as high as 7 to 9 ages.

Venus crater.jpg

Your sunscreen game better be on point if you wanna survive this bad boy.

* * * * *

The "Toga people."


No pants? So it's exactly like being at home on your computer then?

A curious aspect of stolen historical research is this Idea of "the Greeks" or "Romans". According to the mainstream, these cultures were influential to each other but centuries apart with a slight overlap. Both were pagan cultures and wore similar dress. The toga being the most iconic clothing item.

What readers must realize is that these were not separate cultures but one universal civilization that existed across the world. They are the Tartarins we speak of. They were the proto-european people. Greeks referred to themselves as Hellens. Greece is a modern invention. Hellens, Latins(Romans) and Slavs( Tartarians) were all the same people. For the sake of distinction I prefer to refer to them as Toga people. It helps cut through the academic smoke screen and helps psychologically separate them from the mainstream baggage that is attached. These are our fore bearers.


common latin characters.png

Greek, Latin and Cyrillic are all the same language.

So with new understanding we can analyse this next passage:

What is this "Age of iron" Hesiod speaks of? Tartary? They seem almost characterized by cast iron don't they.

Tartary flood.jpg

Come to think of it... ...your breath holding game had also better be on point.

As I have demonstrated, the idea of world ending cataclysms is not a secret and deviated heavily from the mainstream narrative of slow and steady geological nothingness. Ultimately it rests on you as insightful thinkers to decide whether or not you choose to believe the stories of your ancestors or would you rather believe all those boffins from "Stop asking difficult questions and go back to sleep" University.

CN summary:

In part one we covered the idea of planetary instability and the "birth" of Venus from her father Jupiter. The evidence found among cultures the world over detailing the birth of Venus and the battles between Gods (i.e. Planets) could fill an expansive volume. The peoples of Pagan religion worshiped a pantheon of gods. 12 major gods which correspond to the 12 planets of our solar system. This particular area of study falls under a technique known as comparative mythology:

The ancients were not the simpletons modern academia try to frame them as. In order to better understand the lens through which our forefathers viewed the cosmos we will conclude with a comparative mythology discussion. At the end of which you will have the tools to identify the major planets such as Venus, Mars and the Earth's Moon and how they inspired such myths as the German tale of Bromhilde. The tale of a Princess rescued from a dragon by a valiant knight. A destructive Venus deflected back into space by Mars saving our world from near destruction.

You see, the scientists of ancient times were very clever men and they knew such stories were the perfect way to encode important information in such a way that the core message could be retained and passed through the generations to some time in the future. When others, just as clever as them would able to recognize it for what it was.

Anyway, more on that in part three...
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