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It's my first post here after being a lurker for some time, so please cut me some slack for not being able to match the quality and depth of many other great posts. I'm not trying to outline a complete theory here, but rather spark some discussion and of course seek some valuable insight.

For a long time I've been passionate about the Atlantis as described by Plato, but now I'd rather like to ponder it as an umbrella term for a lost advanced ancient civilisation. After years of reading into the subject, I realised that we might be fundamentally wrong with our approach to the lost history. We tend to measure things by our modern day standards and interpret findings through not a fault-proof scientific method.

All the great empires that we know from the history books :)>), among others, had a strong common denominator. They have been expansionist in their nature. They ARE expansionist to the present day. (Think: the US, the USSR, China...). This expansionism or imperialism had usually a little value beyond some certain extent and often led to a collapse. (Roman Empire, Mongolian Empire, Macedonian Empire etc.) What's important here is the territorial expansion often didn't provide a tangible and long-term profit, as we understand today, such as access to scarce or indispensable natural resources which lack would halt the further economic development. And here comes the question:

What if the advanced civilisation that existed before us was fundamentally different in terms of traits common to humans known to us, particularly the psychology/mentality?

What if THE advanced lost civilisation that cemented its achievements in mythologies and beliefs that influenced its successors, was not imperialist? Clearly, the whole Earth's landmass isn't necessary to sustain a developing civilisation and allow it to flourish. Provided it does not bother with colonialism, intercontinental slave trade and territorial expansion.

Maybe the Atlantis we are looking for would be a relatively small civilisation territory and population-wise and therefore way harder to detect for us, especially if its remnants are now among inaccessible vast deserts, tundras etc. On of the scientific approaches that I have stumbled upon is measuring the emissions as well evaluating a possible depletion of natural resources. I also read a paper that conclude the possibility of existence of an advanced civilisation some 2 billion years ago cannot be excluded (if someone has read and remembers the paper, feel free to post a link). We don't however need to go back that far to the past. An advanced civilisation that has developed more locally and wasn't particularly keen on trade, wouldn't have such a big impact on Earth's climate and most likely wouldn't deplete the natural resources to the extent that would be obvious for us. They could have used them up in their smaller, "local" territory, which if now is a desert for instance, might not only be overlooked by us archeologically but also industrially (mining, probing for natural resources).

What do you think about it?
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Sep 1, 2020
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The wayback machine has a comment linking to this blog. And this post in particular puts Troy where today's Timisoara is, in Romania. The hole plateau inside surrounded by mountains makes a quarter-circle to the north-west and two triangle sides on the other sides, exactly like a pizza slice, so it's possible that time changed the southern and eastern sides of the once-known Atlantis, after the historical flooding of the continent caused by an an inland sea which flooded into the black sea.
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