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Over a month of having to download sh pages while shopping to read later due to moving to a location with zero internet.
So many wonderful new posts,so frustrating not being able to join the conversation. Today I climbed a tree and taped a phone up there for a hotspot.It's not working very well but hey I'm here
! (briefly)
Gotta come up with somethiing better.
I've really missed my tribe.
so glad u ok and ur family member is doing well
Finished the last project. Currently only in Russian (if interested, you can take the transcript and throw it on google translate) on how the oldest Dutch history books (1517) claim the Slaven/Katten/Russian where in the Netherlands first.

If anybody needs anything translated, don't hesitate to hit me up! : - )
you in bristol!? snap
yeah that would be great, possibly the first stolen history social event?!?! :ROFLMAO:
the museum would be a fitting venue for sure!
Haha, i don't know were they are doing the test but the testing center down at the Ashton Gate stadium was deserted for months, went past it every day, not one customer i saw in there!
I absolutely love history and thinking about concepts. Thinking till my brain hurts is a daily occurrence for me and so is tripping over thin air.
I use machine translation.

Nice to meet you.

I'm an advertising executive in Osaka, Japan.

Anyway, I'm glad you are safe.

If it's time for you to be ready to go, then .
I ask that you know that your intentions are paramount.

We want you to come back. We need your sense of humor.

I can't follow an intellectual exchange, but I think I could have a fun conversation with you about sushi stuff.

May you have fun.
I noticed your interest in the Oera Linda Book. I recommend the book 'Chronicles from Pre-Celtic Europe' by Alewyn J. Raubenheimer. He goes deep in to the movements of this ancient Frisian race.
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Thank you for that! Yes, of all the old books I have read,that affected me deeply and am looking forward to having the time to reread it slowly,whilst comparing it to old maps to try and gauge the extent of the fryan civilization's influence .
Am currently in the middle of relocating,so unfortunately not able to do further research atm.
Really appreciate your suggestion.
It is a fantastic book, sadly the auteur passed away.
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I had a quick look at the site last night. I was a bit confused what I was supposed to look at as the link wasn't direct to an english translation ( which was what I thought you had meant) ,but I ended up reading a fascinating article about Helios . If that was your article I think it would! be a wonderful thread for discussion here on SH. ?
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Thank you for checking it out! I'm afraid this is my bad, as it is posted on a Russian website the first language is in Russian. Some of the articles have been translated to English as well (Helios being one of them, keep on eye on the author Tech_Dancer, amazing guy) so it looks like I won't be done translating while longer...
I think that would be a great idea to make a sub for Helios!
I missed the fact,from the old site, that you lived in the Ozarks . We just sold our vacation home in Springfield,Mo. ,my company completed a fair amount of business in lower Missouri. I also was born in Kennett, Mo.