Monthly Forum Costs

Monthly Forum Costs

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Paying with debit and credit card is possible with liberapay.

Liberapay donations (if not done via paypal) are completely anonymous to us, so you will need to contact us with your username so that we can give you the patron upgrade.

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We don't show you ads or charge you money to access any content. We won't use affiliate links or other dubious money-making schemes, since it would slowly corrupt the forum. The people behind volunteer their time administrating the site, keeping the servers going, and moderating. Unlike some of your favorite youtube channels, we don't monetize your attention by profiting from clicks.

What value does this site bring to you? Consider giving something back in return, so that the site can continue to flourish for years to come.

Whether that is through writing articles, a monthly donation, sharing the forum link, or any other way you can think of - all is appreciated.

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