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Adam Weishaupt - Architect of Destruction

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First, my theory about the masons: They were originally a guild of builders, architects and keepers of knowledge, organized as a branch of the old world government. That's why Weishaupt had to infiltrate this particular group, to obtain their knowledge about sacred geometry and architecture, to...

Homer in the Baltic

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This is a presentation of the work of Felice Vinci based on his own summary. Due to the fact that this theory is not very well known to the peoples who should be more interested, it has been criticized with a lot of petty arguments by those who feel deprived of “their” own supposed roots.

The Incredible Deluge and Thunderstorm of Constantinople - Video and Translation from 1573 French Book

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This is a fascinating account of a storm and flood that seemed to do serious damage to Constantinople, not to mention the death toll. I found a French letter/book that gives an account of what happened. I thought this community would find this account interesting as it has some interesting...

Ancient Rome according to Piranesi and others

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If we assume that Piranesi was representing Rome, then there are a lot of things to add. In the painting we can clearly see how the Appian way and the Circus Maximus are the same. The road doesn't end or begin near the circus but it continues in the distance with other palaces and also two...

Iodine Deficiency, Goitre, and the Biblical Flood

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The mainstream model of evolution requires a myth of origin for humanity, and it has provided several different theories on where we come from. With increasing complexity of their origin myths, it becomes more complicated to present this model in a coherent way.

Traces of technology by cuts in stones adding the liquid or soft rocks.

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I believe that we are currently living in a world where our history is a lie and a technology that was always present. We only see those things growing at a rapid rate that serve the logical purpose (TV, telephone, computer, etc.) with which we are given false information in our minds. All other...

Star shaped cities, towns, and forts as evidence of the unified world of the recent past

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Star shaped cities, towns and fortifications are located through out the entire world. They were predominantly created prior to the 18th century. Their uniformity and style suggests the same shared architecture related educational background of their creators. These structures are located in the...

A Celtic/Basque Civilization Erased from History?

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I have been finding some clues and information in my research that in my opinion point to a Celtic culture in North America and possibly other lands as well. I've found that the ancient Irish script called Ogam or Ogham has been found in various places in North America, Ireland, Scotland, and... Archives for Download

Have Mudflooders gone to the Dark Side?

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Noticing a very disturbing trend in the Tartarian/Mud Flood Community. Jon Levi is a legend in this field - he's done great work. This week he touts the work of brianaustinlambert - who says: "We are all going to die, but we can tell you how to survive", just send $400. to my email address today.

SH Archive The Lalibela Churches in Ethiopia aren't rock-cut, but products of a cataclysm

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The churches of Lalibela were not constructed — they were excavated. Each church was created by first carving out a wide trench on all four sides of the rock, then painstakingly chiseling out the interior. The largest church is 40 feet high, and the labor required to complete such a task with...

The Nature of the Beast (Part 5) The Gnostics, Archons & Devas

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This penultimate part will attempt to identify the ‘spiritual forces’ or paranormal phenomena responsible for the manifestations and interference that has been described in the previous parts. In order to achieve this I think it's relevant to see if the teachings of the ‘Old World Belief System’...

The Falsified Human: The Search For The Origin Of The German Soul

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I found an awesome german book (published 2003 by G. Ullrich) about the forgery of European and Germanic history, and in this thread I am going to translate chapter for chapter. The german title is "Der gefälschte Mensch: Zur Befreiung vom materialistischen Wahn oder die Suche nach dem Ursprung...

Hamburgs Speicherstadt

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Funny how most of the city's that end up in these threads turn out to be what we call Star forts/citadels! Hamburg is right up there with the rest, in fact Germany is saturated with star fort/star civ cities, towns and hamlets! saturated with star fort/star civ cities, towns and hamlets but less...

Ireland as an example of old-world governance

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What remains known about the Irish system implies that life in the pre-colonial times was glorious, and doing good things and working hard mattered, for people reaped the fruits of their own labor, and people knew how to resolve conflicts without resorting to a central authority. This implies a...

Cosmology and ancient myths

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A good starting point when thinking about cosmology is the nordic mythology of Midgard (middle earth), to understand our position in the cosmos, and remember what humans once knew. Heliocentrism is the antithesis to middle earth, and takes away the meaning of our life.

Japan was once a part of the Great Tartaria

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It's been rumored for a long time that Japan played a major role as a naval object of Tartaria in the old war, as there were based strategic ship-building facilities. There is also a lot of historical discrepancies in official history about their fleet of warships at the time of WW1 (they had...

The last of the Mohicans (by tech_dancer)

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The year was 2011. I was having a business trip to Caucasus when I decided to make a stop in a town called Verkhnyaya Balkaria. It turned out that I had a spare time from work, so I used the opportunity to experience the well-known caucasian hospitality. During a feast, I had a long conversation...

Tartaria and the Golden Horde

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First the short official history of the Golden Horde. The Golden Horde was a division of the great Mongol empire founded by Batu Khan and became functionally separate with the decline of the Mongols. Ösbek Khan (1313-1341) adopted Islam and reached the largest extent of the empire from Eastern...

SH Archive Austrian Legends. Folk Tales and Oral Traditions. A Glimpse Into The Past.

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In my homecountry of Austria, we have a rich tradition of folk tales and legends that were, for the longest time, orally transmitted. Sadly, fewer and fewer people are paying know of or pay attention to them. Of course, we are all expected to see these as nothing more than silly old people’s...

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