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The Nature of the Beast (Part 5) The Gnostics, Archons & Devas

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This penultimate part will attempt to identify the ‘spiritual forces’ or paranormal phenomena responsible for the manifestations and interference that has been described in the previous parts. In order to achieve this I think it's relevant to see if the teachings of the ‘Old World Belief System’...

The Falsified Human: The Search For The Origin Of The German Soul

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I found an awesome german book (published 2003 by G. Ullrich) about the forgery of European and Germanic history, and in this thread I am going to translate chapter for chapter. The german title is "Der gefälschte Mensch: Zur Befreiung vom materialistischen Wahn oder die Suche nach dem Ursprung...

Hamburgs Speicherstadt

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Funny how most of the city's that end up in these threads turn out to be what we call Star forts/citadels! Hamburg is right up there with the rest, in fact Germany is saturated with star fort/star civ cities, towns and hamlets! saturated with star fort/star civ cities, towns and hamlets but less...

Ireland as an example of old-world governance

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What remains known about the Irish system implies that life in the pre-colonial times was glorious, and doing good things and working hard mattered, for people reaped the fruits of their own labor, and people knew how to resolve conflicts without resorting to a central authority. This implies a...

Cosmology and ancient myths

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A good starting point when thinking about cosmology is the nordic mythology of Midgard (middle earth), to understand our position in the cosmos, and remember what humans once knew. Heliocentrism is the antithesis to middle earth, and takes away the meaning of our life.

Japan was once a part of the Great Tartaria

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It's been rumored for a long time that Japan played a major role as a naval object of Tartaria in the old war, as there were based strategic ship-building facilities. There is also a lot of historical discrepancies in official history about their fleet of warships at the time of WW1 (they had...

The last of the Mohicans (by tech_dancer)

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The year was 2011. I was having a business trip to Caucasus when I decided to make a stop in a town called Verkhnyaya Balkaria. It turned out that I had a spare time from work, so I used the opportunity to experience the well-known caucasian hospitality. During a feast, I had a long conversation...

Tartaria and the Golden Horde

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First the short official history of the Golden Horde. The Golden Horde was a division of the great Mongol empire founded by Batu Khan and became functionally separate with the decline of the Mongols. Ösbek Khan (1313-1341) adopted Islam and reached the largest extent of the empire from Eastern...

SH Archive Austrian Legends. Folk Tales and Oral Traditions. A Glimpse Into The Past.

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In my homecountry of Austria, we have a rich tradition of folk tales and legends that were, for the longest time, orally transmitted. Sadly, fewer and fewer people are paying know of or pay attention to them. Of course, we are all expected to see these as nothing more than silly old people’s...

SH Archive King George wins the Revolutionary War

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The link is the alleged text of the Treaty of Peace signed in Paris 1783. If one reads it one may notice something peculiar : the alleged loser of the war is dictating the terms of peace. Since when can a loser tell the victor what to do? It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the...

SH Archive Leonardo Da Vinci and his micro-brushes

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Long overdue, but there it is. Apparently, the paintings done by Leonardo da Vinci cannot be faked by no artist of today. No matter how talented the artists of today are, not a single one of them is able to create a painting of the same quality. I am not even talking about making a copy of Mona...

The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 5)

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The image of Germany as a dark, predatory, warlike nation did not take root until the twentieth century. Before that, however, Germany was seen as a place of peace and enlightenment. The highly respected Cambridge historian Herbert Butterfield commented in detail on Britain's high regard for...

The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 4)

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There is an esoteric reason why Churchill first bombed the former Hanseatic cities in the north (Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Kiel, etc.). Virtually no Hanseatic city survived the 2nd World War. Centuries-old city centers, the hearts of German culture, were completely wiped out in the firestorm...

SH Archive Chronology: of the World, of Rome, of Christ...

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This is probably the most important thread I will ever participate in. I'm locking the original one to summarize everything in this thread. It appears we are close to solving the phantom time issue. Looks like those extra 1,000 years suggested by Fomenko and Nosovsky are indeed equal to 1,000 years.

The Hanseatic League - who were they really?

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Whilst researching another subject I kept coming across The Hanseatic League: a 400 year long economic alliance of 194 cities in 16 countries whose merchants had trade routes throughout the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, headquartered in Lübeck, Germany. They developed an economic reach which...

Dr. John Dee, The Hellfire Club, Obelisks and Masons: 007’s Legacy.

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Dee was an occultist, mathematician, astrologer, astronomer, alchemist, historian, theologian, philosopher, cryptographer, expert in the field of navigation and an all-round clever chap. He was a kind of Merlin to Elizabeth I, although not as cuddly. He is credited with having planted the seed...

Abandoned Ancient City found in Brazil

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Today, I shall introduce you to the story of Manuscript 512 of the National Library of Brazil. Originally titled:
("Historical relation of an occult, large, very old settlement with no inhabitants, that was found in the year 1753").
"Relação histórica de huma oculta, e grande Povoação...

SH Archive The Post-Reset War of 1800

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I suggest that there was a natural cataclysm around 300 years ago, followed by a time of civil renewal but also political intrigues and power struggles (1700-1800), which then epically and tragically culminated in a world war sometime around 1800 between two factions, one of which has been...

SH Archive Tartaria - Paganism, the Destruction of Gnosticism, and the Real Missing Civilization: Cathay

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Let's break the spell: On 25 April 1507, as a member of the Gymnasium Vosagense in the Duchy of Lorraine, Waldseemuller produced a globular world map and a large 12-panel world wall map using the information from Columbus and Vespucci's travels (Universalis Cosmographia), both bearing the first...

SH Archive King Arthur in Hyperborea & The Arctic Mud Flood Cataclysm.

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The Arthurian Legend is universal and international. He even crops up in Japanese culture as the legendary ‘Yamato-takeru’. The Ossetians of the north-central Caucasus preserve a corpus of legends about an Arthurian-type hero called ‘Batraz’. The British tradition is usually considered to be the...

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