Tartary is Memory-Holed Because it is Key to Understanding the Bible, End Times


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Dec 13, 2020
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I think focusing on race/ethnicity is probably quite an unreliable way of ascertaining a country/regions' history over a long period of time. The racial demographics of a nation can change dramatically in a very short period of time, a race can go from being the majority to being the minority in as little as a generation, and that's just as a result of gradual and constant movements of ethnic aliens into a region over several decades. This sort of demographic shift is happening in places like the UK, US and much of Western Europe at a very fast rate really.

People tend to make the general assumption that the majority race in almost any given country (with the obvious exception of countries like the US or Australia) today has ALWAYS been the majority for thousands of years or what ever, when in reality considering the speed with which demographic shifts occur, observably so in the present day, it seems illogical to assume say the mongoloid Chinese today were exactly the same people even a few hundred years ago, let alone thousands of years ago.


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Oct 7, 2020
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"Vortigern allowed Hengist to send for more of his countrymen to come over to fight for him. Messengers were sent to "Scythia", where "a number" of warriors were selected, and, with sixteen ships, the messengers returned. With the men came Hengist's beautiful daughter. Hengist prepared a feast, inviting Vortigern, Vortigern's officers, and Ceretic, his translator. Prior to the feast, Hengist enjoined his daughter to serve the guests plenty of wine and ale so that they would become drunk. At the feast Vortigern became enamored with her and promised Hengist whatever he liked in exchange for her betrothal. Hengist, having "consulted with the Elders who attended him of the Angle race," demanded Kent. Without the knowledge of the then-ruler of Kent, Vortigern agreed.[8] "

Hengist is scandinavian.
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